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Course Override Requests

When can I request a course override?

Summer 2017 Session 1

Monday, May 15th @ 8am (CST) to Friday, May 26th @ 5pm (CST)

Summer 2017 Session 2

Monday, May 15th @ 8am (CST) to Friday, June 30th @ 5pm (CST)

Fall 2017

Monday, July 31st 8am (CST)


Common Questions

If your question is not answered here, please contact the Undergraduate Programs Office at 479-575-4622 or stop by Business Building, room 328.

What is an override?
At Walton, an override means that you are requesting enrollment into a full class. All override requests for business classes are handled via the online override request system.

When should I request an override?
Students should ONLY request an override when all sections of a required business course are showing as full in UAConnect. Except in unusual circumstances, overrides for specific sections of courses will not be granted if open sections of the requested class are available. Students should NOT request an override for elective classes. Please select an alternative course. Students should NOT request an override for any class for which they are receiving a pre-requisite error when trying to enroll. Please contact the Undergraduate Programs Office for assistance with this issue.

What should I know before I submit a request?
All information must be filled out correctly and completely, or your request will not be processed. Please remember that overrides are only granted as space is available, and requests should be made for FULL courses only. Students who do not meet the prerequisites for the requested course will be denied.

Are there any classes for which overrides are not available?
Overrides are NOT available for the following courses: ECON 2143, FINN 1003, FINN 3003, WCOB 2063, or WCOB 3043. These courses are open to room capacity on UAConnect, so there are no available seats for overrides. The online Override Request System is only available for business classes. Students wishing to request overrides into non-business classes should contact the department that offers each course.

What about online classes?
Override seats in online classes are limited, so online classes are NOT included in the override request system. If you are an on-campus student, it is recommended that you select from the on-campus sections of courses. If you are seeking an online degree, please contact your advisor for assistance.

What happens after I submit my request?
Once you have submitted a request, you will be notified of the outcome via your university email account. After submitting a request, please allow 5 business days for response.