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Career Services: Company Partnerships

Hiring organizations can partner with Walton Career Services by making a yearly financial committment to support student programs. These partnerships serve to enance the career readiness of our students, and give partner organizations a higher level of exposure and access to student talent.

Become a Walton Career Services Partner

Your company’s sponsorship promotes career readiness, and increases your exposure to student talent. A yearly financial sponsorship of $5,000 is required to become an employer partner. Benefits of the partner program include participation in selected recruiting events, such as:

  • Corporate Comes to Campus
  • Business Career Fair
  • Leadership Walton
  • Social & Dining Etiquette Dinners
  • Additional professional development and events included in the sponsorship

Your sponshorship also opens the door to inreased engagement opportunties with students. These include:

  • Specialized branding and marketing initiatives: Promotion of your organization’s career opportunities through on-campus events
  • Digital marketing to prospective student talent, to include employer spotlights
  • Sponsor recognition at events such as Business Career Fair
  • Invitation to engage in defining the future professional development opportunities of Walton College students, resulting in a talent pool better prepared for your workplace.

Reach Out

Contact Walton College's Director for Corporate and Community Outreach.

Meredith Adkins

Sponsors and Hiring Partners

University-wide Employer Partner Program

For employers seeking wider reach at the University of Arkansas to include the Sam M. Walton College of Business, College of Engineering, Dale Bumpers College of Agriculture, and Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, we've partnered with the UofA Career Development Center to offer a University of Arkansas Career Services Employer Partner Program!

This program spotlights your organization across campus while providing resources that support UofA students. To view partnership options, visit the Employer Partners page or contact Dr. Angela Williams, or at 479-0575-2805 for more information.