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Need a guide for your transition from business school student to job candidate? Could you benefit from individualized career coaching to help define your goals and showcase your talents?  Would you like to meet with recruiters from regional and national employers? The Office of Career Services is here for you.



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Friday Forums are virtual meetings you are invited to "attend" with relevant, up to date information. 

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Events for Walton College Students

Upcoming Fall 2020 Events Calendar

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Aug. 24  .............................. Classes Begin

Sept. 7 ................................ Labor Day Holiday 

Sept. 8 ................................ Career Management Expo 

Sept. 15 ............................... Career Success Symposium 

Sept. 17 .............................. Walton Sponsor Showcase

Sept. 22 & 23  ...................... Resume Rescue 

Sept. 29 .............................. Business Career Fair

Oct. 20................................. Walton Trivia Night

Oct. 21................................. Technology & Innovation Mixer

Fall 2020 Weekly Career Services Events  

Every Wednesday at 2PM  .............. Wardrobe Wednesday

  • Join us on Facebook Live: @hirewalton 

Every Friday at 2PM ...................... Friday Forums 
  • RSVP in Handshake each week to receive an invitation link

For questions about any of these events, please email Check Handshake and the University Career Development Center's calendar for additional campus wide events and career fairs.

Business Career Fair

The Business Career Fair is Tuesday, September 29, 2020. Learn more.

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On-Campus Interviews

Walton Career Services coordinates on campus interviews throughout the fall and spring semesters. Employers will post positions in Handshake, then review applicants and select students to interview. Tips and expectations for on campus interviews:

  • If you are selected for an on-campus interview, you are expected to arrive early for your interview.
  • You should prepare for your interview by reviewing the interview tips on our website.
  • You should present your best self in image, demeanor and attitude.
  • You must cancel or change your interview time within 48 business hours of your interview time by contacting Walton Career Services.
  • If you cancel your interview or do not show up for an interview within 48 hours of your interview time, your Walton Career Service privileges, including Handshake access, will be revoked until such time as the matter is resolved.
Contact us with questions about Handshake or your job search!

Online Job Search Sites & Resources

  • Handshake: Search and apply for full-time, part-time and internship positions, and apply to be considered for on-campus interviews! 
  • Find jobs posted on thousands of company career sites and job boards. Using Indeed is just like using a general search engine like Google. You can quick-search from the Indeed home page using key words (such as job title and/or employer) in the 'What' box and/or a specific location in the 'Where' box. For additional tips, click here. For the mobile app, click here.
  • Going Global: Resource for International Students Seeking H1B Visas. Going Global is a database containing H1B records from the US Department of Labor, searchable by industry, job title, company, state or metro regions, as well as H1B records salary information for sponsored positions and job and internship opportunities. These are the most recent records available, representing all companies who have submitted H1B visa applications for the prior 12 months. For tips on using the Going Global database, please review this step-by-step guide. (Note: You must be logged into the University of Arkansas' wireless network or an on-campus computer to gain access to the free database.)
  • Official job site of the US Federal Government - a one-stop source for Federal jobs and employment information. New users of USAJOBS are encouraged to visit the first timer's page. Veterans, please visit the Veteran's Resource Center. The mobile app is available here(Articles of interest: USA Jobs, Work for America and Organizations Offer Information on Jobs With the State or Federal Government.)
  • Covers a variety of topics related to employment of people with disabilities, including: advice for individuals with disabilities seeking work; help for employers looking for hard-working and dedicated employees; information on employment rights, laws and regulations; resources for employment programs and job accommodations for people with disabilities. (Article of Interest: Preemployment Inquiries Related to Disabilities.)
  • View additional job search sites. But remember, employers listed in Handshake are seeking University of Arkansas students or graduates; check Handshake first!
  • gives you an inside look at jobs and companies. Anonymous reviews and salary data from employees and interview candidates. 
  • is a career community that empowers job seekers with jobs, reviews, and salaries, along with hundreds of career advice articles.
  • is a free resource to help job seekers improve their performance at employer reasoning tests. 

Social Media

  • LinkedIn: Your LinkedIn profile is your connection to over 70 million professionals in the business world. This network can not only help you find a job, but GET a job.
  • Twitter: Clicking on or searching for a certain hashtag in Twitter allows you to see all of the tweets that contain the phrase; and you can use this feature in your job search! Here are some examples of hashtags for job searching:
    • #resume—use #resume with a description of yourself and/or a link to your resume.
    • #tweetmyjobs—#tweetmyjobs has been tagged nearly a million times, so it is recommended to include it in your search! (You can also use receive new job openings when they are available. This is similar to a traditional job board, but culls the information and listings that are found on Twitter.)
    • #jobs, #recruiting, #jobadvice, #jobposting, #jobhunt, and #jobsearch—you can narrow it down by using more specific hashtags, such as or #prjobs or #salesjobs, or by major #accounting.
    • Industry Conferences—Many conferences now have their own hashtags. Promote your involvement when watching a panel or speech you are attending or interested in, and connect with other tweeters along the way. Whether you are attending the conference or not, you can contribute to the conversation. By using Twitter for networking within an industry, you can increase your chances of getting hired down the road. (Source:
      • Mobile App:

(Articles of Interest: Social Media in Your Job Search, Building a Strong LinkedIn Profile, and 10 Tips for Using Social Media in Your Job Search)

Industry Resources

  • Positions with Walmart: Searching for a job or internship with a large employer can sometimes feel overwhelming. The following step-by-step directions may help you search and apply for positions with Walmart Stores, Inc. Search and apply on-line at By applying on-line, your resume will go directly to the recruiter responsible for the positions that interest you. To assist you further, please review the following information:
    • Go to, register with the site, and upload your resume
    • Click on the "Select a Career" drop down box and select "Corporate" and then click "Apply Now"
    • Select the "Employment Type(s)" you want, such as "Intern", then click "Refined Search"
    • Add the job reqs that you are interested in to your "shopping cart"
    • After you've selected them, you can go to your cart and submit all of them at the same time
    • You can come back and apply for other positions as you find them
  • Positions with Tyson Foods: You can search current openings, submit your resume and apply to full-time and internship opportunities directly through Tyson's website:
  • Positions with JB Hunt Transport: You can search career opportunities, including internships and positions for recent graduates and experienced professionals, on JB Hunt's website: Click here to view keyword suggestions to use when searching for jobs with JB Hunt.
  • Job/internship search site for those interested in careers within logistics.
  • CPGjobs is the leading career site for professionals and employers in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry.
  • Dice is the #1 technology job board. If you are a technology professional in areas such as Information Technology (IT), software, high tech, security, biotech, etc., is a great resource.
  • Corporate Finance Institute: CFI offers courses to give you practical skills, templates and tools to advance your career in finance or accounting. They offer several free resources, including: interactive career map, interview guides, getting hired in investment banking guide, and an Excel crash course.
  • is a search engine for jobs, allowing job seekers to find jobs posted on thousands of company career sites and job boards. Any type of career for any industry can be found in 
  • Additional job search sites


When you meet a new person in class, at a social event or even in the elevator, you have an opportunity to develop your network. Walton Career Services hopes you will view every opportunity to meet people as a chance to increase your business network. Each year, Walton Career Services brings in professionals from various businesses and industries to present various professional development topics, as well as assist students with development areas such as resume enhancement and interview skill building.

There are many more uses for networking than just "finding a job." Networking is an activity that takes place every day of our lives, whether job-related or not. Did you talk to someone at breakfast to review what might be on the upcoming exam? That's networking. Did you ask a librarian which reference materials would be the best in preparing a term paper? That's networking. Did you ask friends if they knew of anyone driving home for the weekend? That's networking.

Networking is already far more active in your life than you might have originally thought. The key to making it effective in your job search is to provide clear focus and direction. Following are several objectives to keep in mind when speaking with others about your job search:

  1. To make others aware of your job search and your career focus.
  2. To open up additional lines of communication in the job market.
  3. To increase your knowledge about a particular career field or industry.
  4. To find out more about potential employers.
  5. To discover hidden job opportunities.
  6. To open up the possibility of creating a job where none currently exists.

To achieve your networking objectives, you need to consider each contact with another human being as a potential opportunity to further expand your network. You will come in contact with other people each and every day. How you integrate that contact into your job search network will greatly determine your potential for overall success in your job search. And there are hundreds of people out there who are ready and willing to help.

Offer Negotiation

Congratulations, you successfully made it through the recruiting process and have received a job offer! Now it is time to look at the offer and determine if you should accept it. While you may think the job offer consists strictly of salary, it is much more than that. Job applicants should consider the following when evaluating a job offer:

  • Salary
  • Bonus Opportunity
  • Profit Sharing/Stock Options
  • Benefits (Medical, Life, etc.)
  • Advancement/Promotion Opportunity
  • Company Culture
  • Location of Position
  • Skills and Interests
  • Hours
  • Company Turnover Rate

The right time to negotiate a job offer can also depend on many factors. You need to evaluate the job offer thoroughly prior to even considering negotiating with your potential employer. The one thing you do not want to happen is to offend the employer and have your offer retracted. A few factors to consider before you negotiate include:

  • Your Work Experience
  • Current Economic Climate
  • Company's Financial Health
  • Location of Position

Work experience is one factor you must consider before you start to negotiate. You should be cautious negotiating with a potential employer if you have applied for an entry level position with little (less than 1 year) or no work experience.

*Information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Contact us for assistance with job offer evaluation and negotiation!

For more information on job and intern searching, please review the following articles: