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From The Board: Accounting Industry Insights

Our Accounting Advisory Board members offer their personal industry insights. We are grateful for their service, and for their support of our students.

Why Choose Accounting?

How Can Students Set Themselves Apart?

What Options Exist For Accounting Majors?

Is an Accounting Master's Degree Necessary?


Looking Back on College

What Specific Factors at Walton College Influenced Your Career Path?

What has been your career path after graduating from the University of Arkansas?

What advice would you give to students struggling to pick a career path?

Should I Intern in Corporate Accounting or Public Accounting?

Corporate Accounting or Public Accounting? Where should I work?

What goals have you set for yourself?

What changes have you seen in accounting?

How does the global nature of business affect the accounting profession?

How does an Accounting Degree Prepare You for the Global Workforce?