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Intern Spotlight: Avelardo Raygoza Villa

Avelardo Raygoza Villa

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Episode Transcript

00:00 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: For example, when I took international logistics here in class, there were so many things that applied into what I do now in terms of what kind of documents do you need to actually cross the border, BOL, bill of ladings, all those kinds of documents. They show up in the real world. And once I saw it real hand, I was like, "Wow, this is actually the same thing." And then when you see it in the real world it's like, "Wow, that's pretty cool."


00:37 Brian Fugate: We're here in the JB Hunt Center for Excellence building at the University of Arkansas with Avelardo. Can you say your name for me?

00:46 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: Yeah, it's Avelardo.

00:47 Brian Fugate: Avelardo. Okay, that's the best I got.

00:49 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: Now you got it. Don't worry.

00:51 Brian Fugate: So, you are currently an intern at JB Hunt in intermodal and international, correct?

00:57 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: Yes, sir. The Mexico team.

01:00 Brian Fugate: That's fantastic. So, can you tell us a little bit about what you're doing right now?

01:03 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: Yeah. So, since I started at JB Hunt, I started around January 2019 and my first tasks or goals that I had was I was in charge of creating ITNs for my customer experience representatives. I did this for about five months and then my manager, he told me if I could learn how to actually book loads. So, that was my second task is actually booking loads for points outbounded to Mexico. Now, recently, I'm working on... So, my main task is I submit documents through our customs broker. So, I take the job very seriously. Everyday that I'm going, I always have to double-check my numbers because I don't wanna mess up any of that stuff.

01:44 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: So, that's what I've been doing for the past 10 months 'cause I've been... Honestly, like I said, I've been there since January, 2019 but I've had a blast ever since and learning everyday. And I'm bilingual, so I can speak Spanish and English. So, I feel like I could really bring another aspect into it and it really did help me out whenever... I actually got the position because I was just excited to not only work for a company like that but just to have an internship because it will help me out later in life when I'm trying to apply full-time. Have that kind of experience, it would lead us so well.

02:15 Brian Fugate: That's right and you're graduating in December, right?

02:17 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: Yes, sir.

02:17 Brian Fugate: So, you're on the market now, aren't you?

02:19 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: Almost there. Yes, sir.

02:20 Brian Fugate: And I'm sure JB Hunt's trying to keep you but that you're on the market, so that's good to hear. So, think about when you were coming into the internship, what were some of the things you wanted to accomplish?

02:32 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: So, I really wanted to, like I said, learn more about the operations aspect of it because, like I said, Walton did a very good job with teaching me what I learned from the books.

02:39 Brian Fugate: Well, that's good to hear. [chuckle]

02:41 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: Yeah, it's very good. They taught me very well what the book's saying but what I wanted to do is get industry experience of how those aspects are played in the real world and that's exactly what I've been learning in my transportation internship.

02:55 Brian Fugate: Well, that's good to hear, that's good feedback for us.

02:57 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: Yeah, exactly.

02:58 Brian Fugate: So, thank you for that. So, thinking about your... So, you started in, you said, January?

03:04 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: Yes, sir.

03:04 Brian Fugate: And you went through while you were in school and then you worked just...

03:09 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: Summer.

03:10 Brian Fugate: Full-time this summer, and then you're back continuing as an intern while you're taking classes.

03:13 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: Yes sir. Yes sir.

03:14 Brian Fugate: So, your schedule, how do you pull that off?

03:17 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: Yeah. So, pretty much, what I like about JB Hunt is that they're very... They work around your schedule. That's what I like a lot. And not only that but I also have to keep in mind that I do have the internship. So, whenever I applied for classes during the semester, I have to work around that. So, like for example, this semester I'm taking afternoon classes for three of my classes that start at 6:00 PM just because I have to work during the day, 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

03:43 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: So, it really does help me out gain different skills that I didn't really have, just like life skills like on time management. That's really been a game changer for me and I feel like it's made me into an even better student because now I feel like I got more responsibility. Not only do I have to keep my grades up to graduate but also, on top of that, do a very good job to show my manager that I'm putting in as much effort as I can into the position.

04:06 Brian Fugate: So, it sounds like you're really enjoying your internship. What are some of the factors that come into play?

04:11 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: I feel like one of the biggest ones for me is culture. I just feel like a student coming into an industry, to me, it was intimidating 'cause I don't have any experience coming into it. It's just a fresh kid out of the block. You might have experience in terms of book experience but industry experience, you don't. So, I just feel like once I came into it, they were very welcoming. Not only the company was, but my team, specifically. Like my boss, he... Not only is he my boss but he acts as a mentor too in terms of pushing me to give it my all. And when I give it my all, he pushes me even more. And that just helps me develop not only my analytical skills but my social skills. And I just feel like... Throughout these past 10 months, I feel like I've grown not only professionally but just in other ways too, yeah, within my team but also within the company too and that's what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to be like a sponge right now and just collect as much information and data as I can. In that way, once I apply full-time, I can say, "Look, this is how I can help this company and this is how I can do that." So it's pretty interesting.

05:15 Brian Fugate: That's awesome. Good for you to be a sponge, yeah. So, do that the rest of your career.

05:20 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: Yeah, exactly.

05:20 Brian Fugate: I still do that. [chuckle]

05:21 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: Oh, yeah. That's awesome you need to do that.

05:23 Brian Fugate: Yeah, that's good to hear. So, looking at... You've done so well in school. Academically, you've done so well. Already gained in so much depth of experience given where you are. What has led to that? What inspires you?

05:38 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: What inspires me? I'd say the two biggest people that inspire me are my mom and dad, and my son, Chizzy, but they are the reason why I'm here, not only financial-wise but just how they push me. They've ingrained this work ethic into me and I feel like I owe it to them to give it my all. And even if it's just a simple test, for example, I still study 'til the night comes and they really do inspire me to be a better person, not only a person but also a professional. I wanna give the best example that I can every single day that I come into work. Not only to work, but to class too. I don't wanna miss any class. I always want to be there to learn what the instructors are there to teach us.

06:21 Brian Fugate: Yeah, well that's what we hear about you and well done Mom and Dad, so thank you. They've done well so good for you. So maybe thinking about the supply chain career, what about it do you like? Why did you choose supply chain?

06:36 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: I feel like the overarching method of it is what really intrigues me. Going from a simple thing, like a raw material, going all the way through the supply chain and getting to the end consumer. I just feel like, I fell in love with that whenever I heard about supply chain and then once I actually got into classes, I fell in love with the transportation distribution side of things.

07:00 Brian Fugate: Okay.

07:00 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: But what I like about supply chain is not just about transportation distribution, there's so many other things. For example, when I took Supply Management, it's not about transportation distribution it talks about procurement. And which in simple words, in layman's terms, it's just buying, but it's just way more in-depth than you would ever think. So what I like about supply chain is that it teaches you so many different skills and that way when you go into the industry it's just, you can bring those skills and really help a company out.

07:27 Brian Fugate: Now well said, well said. So I can probably guess what you're gonna say but what was your favorite course?

07:33 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: My favorite course would probably be supply management.

07:36 Brian Fugate: Oh, okay. I thought you were gonna say transportation distribution.

07:38 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: Yeah. It was a close, I will say, it was a close tie.


07:44 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: Yeah, I'll go back, I'll go back with the answer.

07:45 Brian Fugate: Oh, no, no, no, stick with your original.

07:47 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: Stick with the original. Supply management, especially Remko's.

07:50 Brian Fugate: Yeah.

07:51 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: Just how he taught the class, it's just him as a teacher, he taught us about procurement and not only that, but he taught real life skills and I feel like I'm still using them in terms of how you gotta think analytically. And it just really brought a different sense into the word of procurement when he came along into the department.

08:08 Brian Fugate: Okay.

08:09 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: Great teacher.

08:10 Brian Fugate: That's awesome to hear. So, now, let's imagine that you were talking to your earlier self a few years ago, what advice would you give yourself?

08:17 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: I'd give myself very simple advice. It's just do what you wanna do in life. For example me, I was actually doing another major before this and now if you think about it, you're gonna be doing this stuff for let's say, 20-30 years, until you graduate. Or until you...

08:36 Brian Fugate: Retire.

08:36 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: Retire.

08:37 Brian Fugate: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

08:37 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: That's what I meant to say.

08:38 Brian Fugate: Same thing.

08:38 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: Yeah, same thing right?


08:40 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: Same context. But that's pretty much what I'll tell myself, because you don't wanna do stuff for the wrong reasons. Don't do a career just because it pays good money or any of that. That's a good plus, that's a good plus, but what you really gotta do is what you have a passion for. And I feel like I have a passion for what I'm learning right now in school, but I feel like I have a passion also on what I do at my job. Just the transportation supply chain management, I feel like I was always meant to go down that path, and I'm very happy that I'm going down the path and happy that I'm about to graduate.

09:12 Brian Fugate: That's fantastic. We're happy in the supply chain field that you're in it 'cause it's clear that you're gonna make an impact in your career. And so, really thank you for taking the time today to speak with us...

09:23 Avelardo Raygoza Villa: No problem.

09:23 Brian Fugate: And look forward to watching you thrive in the industry.