and hope the bleeding stops or will convert to open surgery. To address this problem, we’ve designed a unique laparoscopic camera software, called Bloodhound, that detects and highlights bleeding vessels perioperatively in real-time during surgery using image processing algorithms. This helps surgeons quickly and precisely locate the exact source of the bleed which in turn reduces the risk of life-threatening hemorrhage


University of Maryland

Team Names:
Team Leader: Kelsey Abernathy
Dan Fucich

Team Advisors:
Lottie Byram

AlgenAir is an ecommerce company in Baltimore, MD that creates functional algae installations to improve the publics health. We developed the aerium, the first natural air purifier that uses algae to reduce carbon dioxide and increase oxygen as effectively as twenty-five house plants.


Georgia State University

Team Names:
Team Leader: Robert Hatcher
Punar Johar
Shvetal Shah
James Okolo

Team Advisors:
Ricky Hunter
Jackie Davis

Aurign is a decentralized music publishing company that uses data analytics in blockchain technology to securely file music publishing documents.


Rice University

Team Names:
Team Leader: Lamiya Sakarwala
Genevieve Wahlert
Laura Ortiz
Matthew De Venecia

Team Advisors:
Will Clifton

One of the most common problems in minimally invasive surgeries is the overwhelming quantities of blood that accumulate in the surgical field. If the source of bleeding cannot be found, surgeons will arbitrarily implement hemostatic tools (cont'd...)

... and hope the bleeding stops or will convert to open surgery. To address this problem, we’ve designed a unique laparoscopic camera software, called Bloodhound, that detects and highlights bleeding vessels perioperatively in real-time during surgery using image processing algorithms. This helps surgeons quickly and precisely locate the exact source of the bleed which in turn reduces the risk of life-threatening hemorrhages.


Tufts University

Team Names:
Team Leader: Phuong (Jean) Pham
Xueying (Fiona) Wang

Team Advisors:
Kevin Oye
Tony Luongo

Bladder Cancer is among the costliest malignancies to treat, (approximately $180,000 per patient). Patients face high recurrence (50-80%) that require invasive, painful and time-consuming surveillance exams, cystoscopies, every 3 to 6 months. Cellens develops a novel and noninvasive solution for the detection of bladder cancer, which will be noninvasive, highly accurate and easily integrable within current clinical procedures.


University of Arkansas

Team Names:
Team Leader: Gurshagan Kandhola
Joseph Batta-Mpouma
Jaymin Patel

Team Advisors:
Carol Reeves
Sarah Goforth

CelluDot addresses the growing problem of agrochemical drift with a novel biopolymer adjuvant technology that keeps pesticides and herbicides at the site of their intended use, thus preventing farmers from incurring financial losses due to crop damage and curbing the negative implications of drift on human health and the environment.


Oklahoma State University

Team Names:
Team Leader: Brooks Robison
Rabecca Wiseman

Team Advisors:
David Thomison

Contraire deploys a retrofit control system to optimize the energy intensive aeration process within municipal wastewater treatment plants. Our average municipal customer will realize a net $252,000 in annual savings as a direct result of reducing electricity costs. Water quality requirements are maintained thru integrating real-time commercial grade sensor inputs into an innovative predictive analysis algorithm that controls the aeration rates according to the current water characteristics. (cont'd...)

Electricity consumption has the potential to be decreased by up to 45%, significantly decreasing the amount of Greenhouse Gas emissions related to treating wastewater.


Johns Hopkins University

Team Names:
Team Leader: Digvijay Singh
Bonolo Mathekga
Yukari Manabe

Team Advisors:
Soumyadipta Acharya

We're making tools that turn existing, widespread TB diagnostic tools into highly sensitive ones at remote health centers close to patients. Our first product is a low-cost slide system that is a magnet for TB causing bacteria. It can significantly increase the sensitivity of sputum smear microscopy, a widely used TB screening tool, potentially giving 1 million patients correct positive results each year. We’re starting with India as our target market, since India is aggressively pursuing a TB-free nation by 2025. We have received positive commendation from the ICMR and are planning to conduct a field study in April.


Johns Hopkins University

Team Names:
Team Leader: Jessica Dakkak
Jonathan Smith
Wilson Tang

Team Advisors:
Youseph Yazdi

OxyGen provides a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) to treat patients with chronic lung disease needing greater than 3L/min of oxygen. Our device enables patient mobility over large, bulky, oxygen tanks to improve quality of life. We double therapeutic range and battery life of current technology, providing greater freedom outside the home. OxyGen includes automatic oxygen regulation to the patient’s needs, providing peace of mind that oxygen needs are met while minimizing waste. Together, the features of the OxyGen POC provide personalized treatment to reduce the burden of oxygen management and help patients live more mobile lifestyles outside the home.
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Quantum Lock Technologies

University of Tennessee

Team Names:
Team Leader: Erica Grant
Phoenix Van Zutphen

Team Advisors:
John Bruck
Lynn Youngs

As the world becomes more connected with smart factories, hotels, hospital equipment, smart homes, etc., these systems become more efficient and automated, but we see serious cybersecurity risks as a result. Our solution is Quantum Lock Technologies. We use completely random and untraceable keys to secure every point in communication. We do this using a quantum random number generator which taps into the fundamental randomness at the quantum level. We designed software and communication protocols specifically with connected devices in mind. At Quantum Lock Technologies we are creating the most systems for connected facilities and equipment.


Sasin School of Management

Team Names:
Team Leader: Kawisara Jongkolratanaporn
Pinnapa Phetcharatana
Shotirose Poramesanaporn

Team Advisors:
Nick Pisalyaput
Tanachote Vongsurbchart

ReNew offers a disruptive, patent-protected bio-coating solution that strengthens cellulose-based materials such as paper, cardboards, wood and fabrics. The solution is applied via a simple coating process done in under 5 minutes. Nanoparticles in the solution deeply penetrate to strengthen cellulose fibers, while the biopolymers' hydrophobic qualities protect it from water, mold and fungi without increasing weight and volume. Our solution strengthens and protects lower-grade boxes, reducing the need for additional wood chips that demand more deforestation, ultimately saving an immense amount of water, trees, and costs.

True Adherence Inc.

University of Utah

Team Names:
Team Leader: Kyle Poulin
Chris Bright

Team Advisors:
Troy D’Ambrosio

True Adherence is empowering people to own their fitness by giving them the knowledge and feedback needed to engage in exercise effectively. We provide this through real-time computer-vision based biomechanics feedback. Our product is an in-gym platform where we install displays that gym users walk up to, are scanned, assessed, and then receive personalized workout routines that users follow via on display visuals and audio guidance by Gabi™. Our platform includes convenient features such as set logging, rest timers, instant workout modifications, and workout summaries for individual improvement. We also have performance leaderboards that gamify fitness and support in-gym challenges.

Vesta Technologies

University of Missouri

Team Names:
Team Leader: Zach Cook
Drew White
Brett Calhoun
Jai Malik
Team Advisor

Team Advisors:
Greg Bier
Quinten Messbarger

Vesta Technologies provides food ordering customers with a premier temperature-controlled locker system that accepts and stores delivered perishables from the e-food and grocery delivery industry at any temperature between (-15F to 155F). Our smart locker technology will allow delivery services to access apartments, commercial businesses, and universities 24/7 and avoid the pain points of the last mile delivery drop off with the consumer. Ordering food has never been this simple, and Vesta Technologies can offer the fastest growing product category in e-commerce the additional convenience that is required to fully automate the scaling industry.