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FBC 2013 Profile

FBC Profile
Kristen Zachary, Jon Reene
WHP 2013

Reene-ZacharyComing to college from out of state is a really neat experience that can be both exciting and intimidating. Kristen and Jon learned this first-hand during their freshman year, as Kristen was from Oklahoma and Jon was from Kansas. "I was a little hesitant starting out at the Walton College not knowing anyone, but after I began to meet people through my Honors FBC class, I wasn't nervous anymore and I knew everything was going to be fine."

One of the best aspects of the Walton Honors Program according to Jon is the ability to have smaller class sizes and the opportunity to get to know the other students right off the bat. "Honors FBC is a great place to form friendships that will last throughout college and beyond." Another advantage is that the instructor for Honors FBC is also your academic advisor for the next four years. "We were able to start planning not only which classes we would be taking for the next several semesters, but I was also able to begin planning for the best time to study abroad and look for internships."

"I am really grateful for the chance that Honors FBC and the Honors Business block gave me to meet new people in a comfortable environment from the very beginning." Many honors students will echo stories very similar to this- Honors Freshman Business Connections does an incredible job of making sure that every Honors freshman student is connected into the Walton College and has an easy transition in every way possible, especially when it comes to new friendships.