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Honors Freshman Business Connections

The transition from high school to college can sometimes be overwhelming for new freshmen. To ease that transition, the Honors Freshman Business Connections program offers a support network for freshmen honors students.

Support Network
and Fun

The purpose of Honors Freshman Business Connections is to offer a support network for freshmen honors students during their first semester. The other key objective is to have fun while learning about all of the resources that the Walton College and the University of Arkansas have to provide.

Honors FBC is taught by Jason Adams who is also the advisor for the Walton Honors Program.

Many students meet friends for life in their Honors FBC class and form a tightly knit community. They continue to bond as they share common honors classes throughout their academic career.

Honors Freshman Business Connections

Course Description:
  • freshmen orientation to the Sam M. Walton College of Business and the Walton Honors Program;
  • introduction to majors within the Walton College and associated career opportunities;
  • introduction and development of personal and professional competencies with emphasis on Walton College core values:
    • Excellence,
    • Professionalism,
    • Innovation, and
    • Collegiality;
  • focuses on development of analytical and critical thinking skills, written and oral communication skills and problem solving skills through teamwork.


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