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Scantron-related Guides

For information/scanning of the larger Pearson 4521 forms visit this link. For assistance with the departmental scanners visit or contact the Walton Tech Center.

Datalink scanners

Departmental WCOB Locations and directions

2nd floor
  • The Information Systems department hall way
3rd floor
  • The Marketing department hall way
  • The Finance department
4th floor
  • The Management department suite (WCOB 402)
  • The Accounting department library
  • The Ph.D suite (WCOB 438)
Datalink to Blackboard Merge Tool Banner

Datalink to Blackboard Gradebook Merge Tool

Importing the Datalink results of exams to Blackboard used to be a somewhat cumbersome process involving Excel formulas and juggling multiple files. OSIE developed the DL2Bb merge tool to, as one of our beta-test faculty put it, "make [the faculty's] jobs easier!" This tool will merge multiple exam key results with the Bb Gradebook and provide you with a single gradebook file to re-import into Bb to display test results to students.

However, we didn't stop there! This tool also has some built in features to adjust the scores during the process. Curving the exam, adjusting the maximum points, or adding points or a percentage to the overall scores are two of the features most often seen in past Excel formulas... these are built into the tool with just a click of a button.

Before beginning, you need to have your xlsx file(s) from the DataLink software available. You will also need to download the offline gradebook from Blackboard. Tutorial for downloading and uploading the Bb offline gradebook.

Launch DL2BB Tool


Scantron-as-a-Service Option

Want to have your scantron’s scanned for you? Visit Test Scanning and Scoring. This service requires your students to use the Scantron/Pearson Form #4521 bubble sheet (available at the Bookstore). The REMARK software creates an electronic data file for your records, with statistics and actual images of the students' completed forms. You also receive files that load directly into the Blackboard gradebook!