University of Arkansas

Walton College

The Sam M. Walton College of Business

Mission and Outcomes


The Office for Strategic Information and Effectiveness supports and cultivates a collaborative data-driven environment of inquiry and creativity to improve academic, operational, and strategic outcomes in the College

Outcomes Focus

An effective OSIE implementation will: move the college toward aligning goals to outcomes for better decision making; support decision making through transparency and guided by data; encourage systems-thinking and forward-thinking perspectives will support strategic decisions; drive proactive data collection, analysis, and shared debate on effectiveness; and support the college in efforts to be much more analytics-focused.


The vision of OSIE is the development of a culture of data centered on leadership and training and surrounded by strong support for the responsibilities of the office. These responsibilities include: Academic Scheduling, College and Program Evaluations, Accreditation Stewarding, Curriculum Design, Data Analysis and Reporting, Data Systems Administration, Special and Ad Hoc Projects, Strategic Plan Stewarding, and Leadership and Training in Related Areas.

EPIC Alignment


OSIE will be a critical support of individual and collective pursuit of "being the best in everything we do" – from operational analyses, accreditation planning, to developing individual skills.


OSIE is intended to provide the college with clear and unbiased information and analysis.


OSIE is unique among colleges of business in that it merges the areas of data analyst, business intelligence, and domain expertise focused at all levels of the college.


OSIE will expand intra-college communication and discussion through open dialog centered on clear and unbiased information and analysis.