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Walton College

The Sam M. Walton College of Business

Intellectual Contribution Impacts

The advancement and dissemination of business knowledge are a key aspect of the Walton College mission, making evident the importance of research impact to our College.


Walton College's approach to evaluating Research Impact is illustrated in the reports to the left. This approach recognizes that we strive to have impact on three audiences: academic audiences, pedagogical audiences and practice audiences. We expect that faculty and staff contribute in ways that grow the impact of the Walton College.

We believe that impact on academic audiences relates to demonstrating originality of ideas, leadership within a profession, peer recognition of excellence, ongoing use of ideas, and investment by others that signals their belief in our impact.

Impact on pedagogical audiences is evident when there is influence on the profession of teaching, when teaching efforts are recognized for excellence, when students achieve significant educational outcomes, and when our reach extends beyond our campus.

Impact on practice audiences might be assessed in numerous ways. We strive to have impact on the thinking of our industry partners and the broader community of business leaders. We see evidence of impact when the media reports on intellectual contributions created in Walton. When students work in businesses in Walton-created internships, we are enhancing the ability of these business to hire well-trained talent. And we demonstrate impact on the business community when we are involved in the development of new business ventures.

We also track several broad metrics as evidence of our overall impact, or outcomes. Impact exists when students have successful educational outcomes. Impact also is evident when members of the business community elect to be involved in the College, signaling the value they see in the contributions we make. Finally, when people invest their money in the Walton College, this suggests a belief in the impact that the College has on students, businesses, and the community.