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The Walton College is committed to increasing students’ awareness of diversity and increasing the extent to which they value its significance. The Office of Diversity & Inclusion was developed in 1994 to support, advocate and assist the Walton College in developing plans for diversity throughout the college.

Summer Programs - Fall Edition:

Accounting Career Awareness Program

Accounting Career Awareness Program Day is a program designed to introduce underrepresented 7th through 9th grade students in central Arkansas to accounting & business careers. Students will engage with staff and volunteers from the University of Arkansas Sam M. Walton College of Business while networking with accounting professionals from local companies and the Northwest Arkansas National Association of Black Accountants. 

  • Learn what basic skills are needed for accounting.
  • Learn about financial literacy.
  • Network, make new friends and develop personal skills.
  • Attend technical sessions to learn more about the college admission process, financial aid, and accounting and finance as a course of study.

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Summer Programs

The summer programs in the Sam M. Walton College of Business Office of Diversity & Inclusion are designed to help educate and inform students about opportunities in various areas of the business field. These programs allow students to work hands on with other students and industry professionals to gain experience to jumpstart their college experience.

Business Leadership Academy

Business Leadership Academy

The Business Leadership Academy (BLA) is a summer residential program for newly admitted students in the Sam M. Walton College of Business. BLA creates an awareness of retail career choices and opportunities that exist within all college of business majors.

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Technology Awareness Program

The Technology Awareness Program (TAP) is a one-week residency program to introduce underrepresented 11th and 12th grade students to the field of computer information systems.

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Fleischer Scholars Program

The Fleischer Scholars Program is a brand new summer residential program for the Office of Diversity & Inclusion. The program is geared towards underrepresented students that are interested in business and entrepreneurship.

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New & Noteworthy

Walton College Engages Students Through Summer Programs

Walton College Engages Students Through Summer Programs

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion introduces high performing minority students to college life, available resources and career opportunities through summer camp programs on campus.

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Office of Diversity & Inclusion Celebrates 25 Years at Walton College

Office of Diversity & Inclusion Celebrates 25 Years at Walton College

The diversity office honored Lonnie Williams, Ed.D., and Oliver Sims III as Diversity Champions and recognized several graduating seniors for their leadership.

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Lofton Receives National Public Service Award

Lofton Receives National Public Service Award

The American Association of Blacks in Higher Education presented Barbara Lofton, director of Office of Diversity & Inclusion at Walton College, with the AABHE Exemplary Public Service Award for her work to improve the lives of African Americans.

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The Office of Diversity & Inclusion at Sam M. Walton College of Business acknowledges the importance of representation, integration and the fundamentals of equality among all individuals. Our mission is to advance, inform and enable cultural perspectives among faculty, staff and students to harness, transform, and transition diversity and inclusion competencies into the workforce, impacting Arkansas, the United States and the world.



To be among the top ranked institutions in the Unites States for diversity in higher education. We will achieve success through fostering a culture of inclusion through the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty, staff and students, expanding opportunities in the college and community among partners and donors through implementing pre-college programs and recruitment activities and developing awareness of these values across students, staff, and faculty groups.



To continue the advancement of our efforts we will be thought leaders in the following areas:

  • Developing Multicultural Awareness, Knowledge and Skills
  • Diversity Intelligence
  • Curriculum Enrichment
  • Leadership and Partnership
  • Collaboration