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Ethnicity and Religious Based Scholarships

Diversity and Inclusion Scholarships, 2021-22 Academic Year

Walton College Scholarships

Tips for Funding Your Education

  • Register with free online scholarship search at College Financial Aid Advice.
  • Contact the financial aid administrator at each school in which you are interested to find out what scholarship and grant programs are available.
  • Contact your state higher education agency to get information about state aid, such as Arkansas Academic Challenge at the Arkansas Challenge website.
  • Visit the public library to locate books such as the Black Student's Guide to Scholarships (revised edition) and the Black Excel African American Students College Guide. Both include information on award amounts and deadlines.

External Diversity Scholarships

Many external scholarships are funded by private donors and organizations outside of the University of Arkansas. These scholarships are not affiliated with University of Arkansas. Take notice of red flags when searching for and applying for scholarships. You should never be required to pay for scholarship applications.