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Exceptional academic advising is essential to achieving the vision of Walton College. Advisors in the Undergraduate Programs Office will help you make thoughtful decisions related to your academic experience, and maximize your educational and career opportunities.

Questions about an OVERRIDE for a full 2021 class?

Don't sign in to walk-in advising for overrides. Go to the Override website for override submission dates. Email if you have more questions.

Instructions for Virtual Walk-In Advising

In-person advising will not be available during the fall 2020 semester, but Undergraduate Programs will host a virtual walk-in advising option for students who do not have a scheduled appointment.

Starting in October, virtual walk-in advising will be available from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. each Friday.*

Starting October 21, virtual walk-in advising will be available from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. every Wednesday.*


    1. The walk-in advising link will only be available during the above times. Please find the link above to sign-in to the waiting room. *If the link is not available, our waiting room has closed for that time period and will re-open according to the schedule above.
    2. Download Microsoft Teams to your phone and ensure notifications on turned on. You will receive a notification when you are tenth on the list to be advised.
    3. When your name has reached the top of the list, an advisor will call you on Microsoft Teams. If you do not answer, your advisor will wait 5 minutes and then call you again. If you do not answer a second time, your name will be removed from the list.
*Walk-in days and times are subject to change. Please contact the Undergraduate Programs Office at 479-575-4622 if you have any questions.

**If you are a Walton Honors Student, please email Jason Adams ( or Katie Pope ( for assistance.**

Microsoft Teams Instructions (website)

Advisors will be contacting students via Microsoft Teams for their meeting. You can access Microsoft Teams 3 ways:

    • Open Microsoft Teams in a web browser and log in with your email address and password.
    • Download the Microsoft Teams desktop app available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
    • Download Microsoft Teams mobile app for iOS and Android
*It is recommended to have this downloaded to your phone so you receive notifications regarding your appointment.*

You will be contacted via Microsoft Teams when you fall within the next 10 students to be seen on the walk-in list. Once you receive this notification, please be prepared to receive a call from your advisor shortly. Although Teams may be accessed on a smartphone or tablet, advisors will be sharing their screens during appointments, so a laptop or desktop computer is preferred for a better experience.

Note: If you have a MacBook, please have Google Chrome or Firefox downloaded as a web browser. Safari will not work for Microsoft Teams.

Advising and Coronavirus (COVID 19):

For the fall 2020 semester, we will provide virtual advising appointments for all students. Email advising will no longer be available. The health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff is our top priority. Please see instructions below.

Beginning, August 12, Undergraduate Programs will no longer offer e-mail advising. If you need academic advising, need a hold removed, or have questions regarding the curriculum, you can schedule a virtual advising appointment with an advisor through UASuccess or by calling 479-575-4622.

All appointments will be conducted virtually on Microsoft Teams. If you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, you will need to reschedule.

Microsoft Teams Instructions:

All advising appointments that occur in the fall 2020 semester (both scheduled and walk-in) will be virtual using Microsoft Teams. Please be sure to log in to Microsoft Teams approximately 10 minutes before your appointment to be sure your microphone and camera are working properly. Your advisor will call you at your appointment time. There are three ways to access Microsoft Teams:

  • Open Microsoft Teams in a web browser and log in with your email address and password.
  • Download the Microsoft Teams desktop app available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Download Microsoft Teams mobile app for iOS and Android

Note: If you have a MacBook, please have Google Chrome or Firefox downloaded as a web browser. Safari will not work for Microsoft Teams.

Although Teams may be accessed on a smartphone or tablet, advisors will be sharing their screens during appointments, so a laptop or desktop computer is preferred for a better experience.

If you are a new transfer student coming to the University of Arkansas starting in summer or fall 2020, please email with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • University of Arkansas ID Number (if known)
  • Intended Major (include minor(s) if applicable)
  • Approximate number of credit hours being transferred
  • List of all colleges previously attended
  • Please keep your email brief, but it is helpful if you include your questions, the number of hours you plan to take in the fall semester, and if you plan to take any summer classes. If you plan to take summer classes, please let your advisor know if you plan to take them at the U of A or another institution.

A transfer advisor will respond to emails as soon as possible in the order they are received.

If you are currently enrolled in or have been recently admitted to one of our 100% online programs for summer or fall 2020 (General Business, Accounting, Supply Chain Management), please email Katie Pounders, Assistant Director for Online Programs, at for next steps. Please include your

  • Full Name
  • Student ID Number (if known)
  • Major
  • Status (new or current online student)

Please note that these instructions are only for students who are admitted to one of the three Walton Online Degree Programs. Students who were admitted as general (on-campus) students must use the advising instructions listed under Current Students regardless of course delivery preferences.

Come See Us

We're located in WCOB 328. (Map)

Call 479-575-4622 for appointments.
Or, schedule online.

Because You Asked

Who is my advisor? What are my degree requirements? I have a hold on my account? What is grade forgiveness? Can I graduate?

The Walton College does not assign specific academic advisors to students. The Undergraduate Programs Office has nine academic advisors. You can schedule an appointment with any of them dependent on availability. You can meet with the same advisor every time or you can choose a different advisor.

Each Walton student with less than 70 hours of credit is required to meet with a Walton academic advisor. Advising holds are usually placed early in the semester and can only be removed by meeting with your academic advisor.

There are three ways to schedule an appointment for Walton majors:

  1. Call the Undergraduate Programs at 479-575-4622
  2. Schedule online via UASuccess
  3. Visit WCOB 328 and schedule an appointment in person.

It depends on the hold, but all academic advising holds and all WCOB pre graduation check holds require a meeting with a Walton academic advisor. Schedule an appointment.

For Walton students, changing your major or adding a minor is as simple as meeting with an academic advisor. The academic advisor can help you declare the major or minor and explore which courses will be required by adding the major/minor. For non-business majors, students will add the Walton minor by going to their respective Dean’s office and adding the Walton minor.

There are six parts to the Walton curriculum: Pre-Business Core; Business Core; University Core; General Education Electives (BSBA) / Foreign Language (BSIB); Junior Senior Business Electives (BSBA) / International Business Courses (BSIB); and Major (BSBA) / Concentration (BSIB). View Advising worksheets for each major.

A pre-requisite is course or requirement that must be completed before the term when the described course is taken. A co-requisite is a course that must be taken before or at the same time as the course described.

The state of Arkansas specifies a number of core courses that students must successfully pass to obtain a degree. These are also sometimes referred to as the State Minimum Core. There are 7 areas: English (6 hours); Mathematics (3 hours); Science (8 hours); Fine Arts (3 hours); Humanities (3 hours); US History (3 hours); and Social Sciences (9 hours). The University has identified the specific courses that meet these area requirements. Visit the catalog to find University Core Requirements.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree requires a minimum of 12 hours of General Education Electives. This can be any course offered at the University of Arkansas. Restrictions: No more than six (6) hours of business courses; no remedial course; no more than 3 hours of PEAC or DANC courses; no courses for which a student has already received credit; and Walton majors cannot take the following course for credit: MGMT 3653; ECON 3053; ECON 2143; or ISYS 1123.

A junior senor business elective is any 3000 or 4000 level course offered by a Walton College Department (ACCT, BLAW, ECON, FINN, ISYS, MGMT, MKTG, RETL, SCMT, RETL, WCOB). There are three exceptions: ECON 3053, WCOB 3043, and MGMT 3563 - students cannot take these three courses to satisfy junior senior business electives. We recommend speaking with an academic advisor before taking junior senior business electives in the same discipline as your major.

A “C” indicates that the course has a drill component as a co-requisite.

Contact the registrar or record’s office where the course was originally taken and ask them to send official transcripts to: Office of the Registrar, 1083 East Sain Ave., 1 University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR 72701. Many schools can also electronically send transcripts to Check your UAConnect account to verify the transcripts have been processed.

University of Arkansas students are given two opportunities to retake courses in which they received a “D” or “F”, requesting that the repeat grade be used in their GPA calculation. To exercise Grade Forgiveness, students must submit a grade forgiveness form to the Office of the Registrar.

The graduation application can be found in the Student Homepage in UAConnect. View detailed instructions for graduation applications.

To request credit for an internship (i.e. to be enrolled into WCOB 310V Internship Credit) students must submit a Internship Credit application. Application must be submitted by the deadline of the requested term.

If you believe there is an error on your degree audit, send an email to Dr. Jeff Hood ( with an explanation. Be sure to include your UofA ID number.


Academic Planning Guidebook

Consult the Walton Academic Guidebook(s), designed to be used as a reference for this year and previous academic years.


Advising Worksheets

Map out your degree. Plan for the courses you need with advising worksheets that correspond to your specific major and concentration.

syllabi and course descriptions

Business Course Syllabi and Descriptions

Searching for information about a specific course? Browse syllabi and course descriptions.


Study Abroad

Study Abroad Advising

Walton Advising will help you explore your study abroad options. Get exposed to international business realities, and prepare to work and succeed in a global economy.


Pre-Business Core

Pre-Business Core

All Walton College students must complete all pre-business requirements with the required grades and grade point average prior to enrollment in junior or senior level business courses in the Walton College.

Business Minors

Business Minors

Minors assist students in their business careers by helping them to increase their skills and to broaden their understanding of business as an integrated whole.


Eight-Semester Degree Completion Program

Eight-Semester Degree Completion Program

Are you a first semester college student, starting college for the first time after high school? You may be eligible to participate in the Eight Semester Degree Completion Program.



The GPA Calculator

Our college GPA calculator can help you calculate your grade point average and stay on top of your grades.

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