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Information Systems is an exciting field of study with numerous opportunities and a wide variety of career options. Information Systems utilize diverse information technologies to enable individuals and organizations to communicate better and make superior decisions. Professionals in information systems work with business leaders to determine how technology can help to solve problems and create opportunities.

Unique Student Opportunities

We differentiate ourselves from other Information Systems degree programs through hands-on application of concepts using many of the enterprise systems used in leading organizations today, including:

  • SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software – foundations, configuration, implementation, and customization
  • Analytical platforms and visualization tools from IBM, Microsoft, SAP, SAS, and Teradata – supporting better decision making through data analytics
  • Computing and data management platforms from IBM (Z, DB/2), Microsoft (SQL Server, Data Tools), SAP (HANA), and Teradata (Enterprise Data Warehousing)
  • Real-world data sets from Acxiom, Dillard’s, Sam’s Club, Tyson Foods, Walmart, and others

Academic Programs

Information Systems degree programs prepare you for the workforce while offering several excellent career options. Graduates of our programs are sought by a number of successful organizations, and consistently earn among the highest average salaries for Walton College graduates.

Information Systems Undergraduate Program
Bachelor’s Degree

Looking for a chance to discover and engage in a field for people who solve problems faced by businesses and create new opportunities using the latest computer technology in business?

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Master of Information Systems
Master’s Degree

Want to maximize your value in the workforce as the combined demand for business technology skills and managerial skills continues to increase?

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Master of Applied Business Analytics

Business Analytics Masters Degree

Identify, assess, and seize the opportunity for data-driven value creation in the private and public sectors. This degree is offered in both a part-time and full-time schedule, and focuses on business analytics, data handling and management, machine learning methods, optimization and computing.

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Master of Healthcare Business Analytics

Healthcare Business Analytics Masters Degree

Healthcare is a trillion-dollar industry, generating an explosion of complex data. From insurance companies to hospitals and pharmaceuticals, the ability to harness large amounts of complex data and make informed business decisions is a highly sought-after skill.

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Blockchain Enterprise Systems Minor

Are you interested in excelling in an emerging technology designed to solve problems across business partners? The Walton College offers an interdisciplinary minor in Blockchain Enterprise Systems for business majors.

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Business Analytics Minor

Do you want to learn how to analyze business data to tell the story that answers important business questions and supports effective business decisions? The Walton College offers an interdisciplinary minor in Business Analytics

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Enterprise Resource Planning Minor

Do you want to explore and master how a comprehensive software product can help run an entire large business? The Walton College offers an interdisciplinary minor in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

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Information Systems Minor for Business Students

Do you want to improve your knowledge of business information systems to increase the value of your major in the workforce?

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Information Systems Graduate Certificates

The Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Systems is available in three unique concentrations: Blockchain Enterprise Systems, Business Analytics, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

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Information Systems Ph.D. Program

Students selected for Walton College Ph.D. programs are supported with strong financial, physical and intellectual resources in an unparalleled collegial atmosphere.

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