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Welcome to the Ph.D. Program in Business Administration with an Emphasis in Information Systems at the University of Arkansas


Top Reasons to Choose This Ph.D. Program

  • Ranked among the top five universities in the world in research productivity
  • Faculty researchers are among the most highly cited in the most respected IS journals
  • Ph.D. students actively collaborate on faculty research projects and co-author research publications
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  • Prepare students to become world class researchers who conduct quality research in information systems as a faculty member at a research-oriented university school of business
  • Produce a graduate with an understanding of the necessary subject matter required to contribute educational and research expertise to the field of information systems
  • Prepare students to teach effectively in an information systems curriculum


In the Words of Our Students

Amr SororAmr Soror, Current Ph.D. Student
MBA in IT and Enterprise Integration, Old Dominion University

I decided to pursue a Ph.D. in Information Systems at the Walton College of Business since its research agenda, as evidenced by the extensive work of its world renowned research faculty, closely aligns with my research and teaching interests. The WCOB research environment is characterized by a high appreciation for cultural diversity and a defined mechanism for knowledge building and sharing, as well as a friendly working environment. WCOB is located in Fayetteville; living in such a serene, beautiful and safe city is a rewarding experience, especially for those with family and kids.

Above and beyond all reasons, being treated as a peer by faculty members, rather than just a student, is my core reason for choosing the program.


Richard KumiRichard Kumi, Former Ph.D. Student
M.Sc. in Information Technology, University of North Texas

My decision to come to the University of Arkansas was due to the quality and the research interests of the faculty. The proximity of several businesses in the area and the collaboration between industry and the Walton College of Business also influenced my decision.

The Ph.D. program in Information Systems is an opportunity for me to acquire skills in research and teaching and also leverage my industry experience to pursue my career goals in research and teaching.


Zach SteelmanZach Steelman, Former Ph.D. Student
Masters in Information Systems, University of Arkansas

I chose the University of Arkansas after having an amazing experience here in the Masters of Information Systems program. Interacting with the faculty, as well as being introduced to their research, sparked an interest in me to continue my education.

I chose to pursue a Ph.D. to allow myself to experience the cutting edge of technology and to help others find a passion for it, as well.

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Dr. Pankaj SetiaDr. Pankaj Setia
Executive Director of Ph.D. Program and Associate Professor
Information Systems Department
WCOB 224
(479) 575-5653


Our Students

Ruba Aljafari
(479) 575-4028


Saifur Bhuiyan
(479) 575-4210


Kailing Deng
(479) 575-8615


Soheil Goodarzi
(479) 575-4974


Taha Havakhor
WCOB 216
(479) 575-5980


Rishikesh Jena
WCOB 216
(479) 575-5980


Jennifer Large
(479) 575-4028


Mary Macharia
WCOB 209
(479) 575-4874


Ali Balapour
WCOB 209
(479) 575-4874


Hamid Reza Nikkhah
(479) 575- 5210


Franck Loic Soh Noume
(479) 575-4974


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Featured Job Placements

  • Mary Dunaway, Quinnipiac University
  • Bryan Hammer, Oklahoma State University
  • Martin Hassell, Marquette University
  • Richard Kumi, University of Memphis
  • Sankara Srinivasan, Idaho State University
  • Zach Steelman, Oklahoma State University

Ph.D. Student Publications

Walton doctoral students in Information Systems are active researchers, publishing in refereed journals. Recent articles by student authors are listed below in reverse chronological order.


  • Brown, S. A., Venkatesh, V., and Goyal, S. "Expectation Confirmation in Technology Use," Information Systems Research. forthcoming.
  • Venkatesh, V., Zhang, X. J., and Sykes, T.A., ""Doctors Do Too Little Technology": A Longitudinal Field Study of an Electronic Healthcare System Implementation", Information Systems Research, (22:3), pp. 523-546.
  • Zhang, X.J., Venkatesh, V., and Brown, S.A. "Designing Collaborative Systems to Enhance Team Performance," Journal of the Association for Information Systems, (12:8), pp. 556-584.


  • Alnuaimi, O. A., Robert Jr., L. P., Maruping, L. M. "Team Size, Dispersion, and Social Loafing In Technology-Supported Teams: A Theory of Moral Disengagement Perspective", Journal of Management Information Systems,(27:1), pp. 203-230.
  • Venkatesh, V., and Goyal, S. "Expectation Disconfirmation and Technology Adoption: Polynomial Modeling and Response Surface Analysis," MIS Quarterly, (34:2), pp. 281-303.
  • Venkatesh, V., Bala, H., and Sykes, T.A. "Impacts of Information and Communication Technology Implementations on Employees' Jobs in India: A Multi-method Longitudinal Field Study," Production and Operations Management, (19:5), pp. 591-613.


  • Hardgrave, B.C., Aloysius, J.A., and Goyal, S. 2009. "Does RFID Improve Inventory Accuracy? A Preliminary Analysis," International Journal of RF Technologies: Research and Applications (1:1), pp. 44-56.
  • Maruping, L. M., Zhang, X. J., and Venkatesh, V. 2009. "Role of Collective Ownership and Coding Standards in Coordinating Expertise in Software Project Teams," European Journal of Information Systems (18:4), pp. 355-371.
  • Sykes, T.A., Venkatesh, V., and Gosain, S. "Enhancing Our Understanding of Individual-level System Use: Roles of Peer Support and Social Networks," MIS Quarterly, 33, 2009, 371-393.


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  • Venkatesh, V., Brown, S.A., Maruping, L.M., and Bala, H. 2008. "Predicting different conceptualizations of system use: The competing roles of behavioral intention, facilitating conditions, and behavioral expectation," MIS Quarterly (32:3), pp. 483-502.
  • Zhang, J., and Maruping, L.M. 2008. "Household technology adoption in a global marketplace: Incorporating the role of espoused cultural values," Information Systems Frontiers (10:4), pp. 403-413.


  • Bala, H., and Venkatesh, V. 2007. "Assimilation of Interorganizational Business Process Standards," Information Systems Research (18:3), pp. 340-362.
  • Venkatesh, V., and Bala, H. 2007. "Adoption of Interorganizational Business Process Standards in Business-to-Business Integration: An Exploratory Study," Systèmes d'Information et Management (12:2), pp. 53-78.
  • Venkatesh, V., Bala, H., Venkatraman, S., and Bates, J. 2007. "Enterprise Architecture Maturity: The Story of the Veterans Health Administration," MIS Quarterly Executive (6:2), pp. 79-90.

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