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The objective of the Ph.D. program in Economics is to prepare students for careers in teaching, research, government agencies, and business in the United States and abroad. The course of studies provides a solid foundation in economic theory, econometrics, and various applied fields. Students will gain technical proficiency in the core disciplines, learn to develop independent models, and undertake empirical research in an applied field of study.

Economics Faculty

The internationally recognized faculty of the Department of Economics is committed to providing students with an excellent educational experience that develops the tools, talents, and knowledge necessary to accomplish their academic and professional goals.


All doctoral candidates must satisfactorily complete the 39 hours of course work listed below. Students must also register for graduate seminar each semester they are in residence. Ph.D. students will have two fields of study, which will normally be Behavioral Economics and Experimental Economics, and International Trade and Development. Students will select one field as a major field and must pass the Field Examination in that area. This exam will normally be completed in the summer after a student’s second year in the program. All students in the program participate in Candidacy Examinations. The successful student must pass written exams in microeconomics and macroeconomics. A dissertation and dissertation defense complete the program requirements.

Course Listing

Fall - Year 1
Spring - Year 1
Fall - Year 2
Spring - Year 2

Fields of Study

At the beginning of the second year of study students will choose a field of study. These fields include: Behavioral Economics and Experimental Economics, and International Trade and Development. Students in the Ph.D. program will consult with the economics Ph.D. coordinator to determine the appropriate field for the individual’s abilities and talents.

Admissions Requirements for Ph.D. Programs

Prerequisites for the Ph.D. in Economics include intermediate microeconomic theory, intermediate macroeconomic theory, two semesters of calculus, statistics, and linear algebra. Applicants to the program are required to take the GRE and complete the Sam M. Walton College of Business Ph.D. Application for Admission. For more information about the program or the admissions process, contact Dr. Peter McGee, Ph.D. Program Coordinator, at Application deadline is January 15th.


Frequently Asked Questions

No. Admission to the University of Arkansas Graduate School requires a conferred baccalaureate degree. In the U.S. educational system, bachelor's degree recipients have 16 years of formal education — 12 years of elementary and secondary education plus four years of post-secondary study — which qualify them for admission to advanced degree programs. This is the benchmark we use to evaluate foreign educational systems.

The prerequisites for the Ph.D. in Economics program are (1) a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution with a satisfactory grade-point average, (2) a satisfactory score on the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE), and (3) satisfactory performance in the following courses: intermediate microeconomics, intermediate macroeconomics, statistics, two semesters of calculus, and linear algebra.

Students admitted to a Walton College Ph.D. program may receive graduate assistantship funding which includes a full tuition waiver and an annual stipend of $19,027.

Highly qualified students may be nominated for fellowship funding up to $29,027 per year. For further details, see Ph.D. Assistantships or email the Graduate School of Business at

Students typically teach 6 hours or 2 courses per year. However, you will not teach your first semester in the program. Prior to asking you to step into the classroom, we prepare you to teach effectively by requiring participation in our Doctoral Teaching Seminar during the first semester. This seminar, along with support from our Center for Teaching Effectiveness and Faculty Development, provides the resources you need to excel.


Economics Ph.D Degree

Economics Ph.D.

Economics Faculty
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Duration of Program: 4-5 years

Program Start Date: Fall

Application Deadline:
January 15

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Required Test: GRE

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