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Master of Science in Marketing

Designed for recent graduates and early career professionals seeking advanced, specialized and focused training in Brand/Retail marketing to facilitate career opportunities in the marketing field.

Offered by the Sam M. Walton College of Business, this degree is grounded in a deep understanding of the increasing complexity and breadth of the marketing discipline.

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The Master of Science in Marketing degree is designed to foster customer-focused innovation and decision-making skills essential for success in brand management. Students will understand the challenges faced by organizations in an environment altered by changes in consumer behavior, technology and globalization.

Students will also gain applied understanding of standard and advanced marketing analytics used to assess performance and apply data to gain insights and drive business results.

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Admission to Walton College masters programs is selective. Enrollment in each program is limited. 

Just the Facts: Master of Science in Marketing

Program Length

One year

Start Date


New cohorts begin each Fall Semester for this degree program.

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Do I Qualify to Enroll?

Complete your undergraduate degree and meet additional requirements. View Requirements

Entrance Test


Students may be eligible for a GMAT/GRE test waiver with a 3.2 undergraduate GPA or 3 years of professional work experience. Please review our master's admissions policies.

Application Deadline

International applicants: February 15<br />Priority (domestic applicants): April 15<br />Final (domestic applicants): July 1

Total Program Cost


Additional tuition costs applied for out-of-state and international students.
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Career Development

Close ties with our corporate partners facilitate recruiting and networking opportunities, internships, and careers.

Students can participate in corporate internships, career counseling, and take advantage of all the Walton College Career Services has to offer.

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Courses and Program Schedule

To obtain the Master of Science in Marketing degree, students must complete the following 30 hours of coursework.

Marketing Core Courses

Introduction to Marketing Introduction to marketing concepts and practices as applied to the retail consumer environment. Focuses on the strategic development, positioning, and management of products, promotion, distribution, pricing, and store environments in building customer relationships from retailer and supplier perspectives. (MKTG 5103)
Consumer and Market Research Modern marketing research methods and analyses applied to consumers, shoppers, and buyers of goods and services sold in competitive retail environments. Attention is given to both quantitative and qualitative methods, analyses, interpretation, and decision making. (MKTG 5433)
Digital Marketing As an increasing number of companies embracing the digital world (e.g., online advertising and e-commerce), there is a growing need for marketers to understand the implications and interruptions brought by this change. (MKTG 5343)
Marketing Analytics This course is intended to teach students how to use data analytics to improve marketing decision making at every stage of the Strategic Marketing Process. The focus will be on the skills and tools needed to obtain, process, and analyze data to formulate and answer critical marketing questions and make managerial recommendations. This is a hands-on course that employs real-world databases, lectures, cases, and exercises. (MKTG 5523)
Retailing Strategy and Processes Strategic planning and operation of retailing organizations. Investigation of the various types of retailing with emphasis on both the strategic and functional aspects in retail processes. (MKTG 5333)


Students must choose a minimum of three Marketing electives. Other elective courses may be approved by the MS MKTG director.

Category Management and Assortment Category Management is a collaborative continuous process between manufacturers and retailers to manage a Shopper need state which we refer to as a 'category'. The purpose of this process is to optimize shopper satisfaction and fulfill the role chosen by the retailer (store and online) for that category within the overall portfolio of categories in the retail format. The end state of the category management process is that combination of assortment, price, shelf presentation and promotion which optimizes the category role over time. (MKTG 5353)
Sales Analytics Recent years have witnessed increasing competitive pressures along with an explosion in the quantity and quality of data available. Big Data is rapidly changing how we view and analyze problems to make decisions in the marketplace. Whether a firm is consumer, business or service-oriented, acquiring and using information on its customers, competitors, and markets is critical for sales planning and decision-making. This course will emphasize how to analyze data to support and guide sales decisions. (MKTG 5513)
New Product Development and Strategy Behavioral and social science concepts applied to retail shoppers, buyers, and consumers of products and services. Attention is given to research on the cognitive, affective, and experiential aspects involved in the acquisition, consumption, and disposal of products and services by individuals and households. (MKTG 5553)
Advanced Mareting Analytics This course is intended to advance students' knowledge in data analytics to improve marketing decision making at every stage of the Strategic Marketing Process. This is an advanced course focused on the skills and tools needed to obtain, process, and analyze data to formulate and answer critical marketing questions and make managerial recommendations. We will provide an in-depth coverage on a variety of advanced analytical models and emphasize their applications to real-world marketing problems. (MKTG 5573)
Social Media Marketing
Special Topics in Marketing

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