Admitted Student Information: Graduate School of Business

Once you’ve successfully accepted your offer of admission, explore this page of useful information to prepare for your arrival.



Orientation dates are listed below. Continue to check your email for important information to come later about your specific program's orientation.

Program Orientation Dates
Full-Time MBA July 31 – Aug 1
Executive MBA (EMBA) Aug 3-4
Healthcare Executive MBA (HCEMBA) Aug 3-4
Integrated Master of Accounting (IMACC) Aug 15
Professional Accounting (MPA) Aug 16
Accounting (MACC) Aug 16
Economic Analytics (MSECAN) Aug 1
Economics (MAECON) Aug 1
Finance (MSFINN) Fall: Aug 14
Spring: TBD
Product Innovation (MSPI)

Aug 16-18

Full-Time Information Systems (MIS)

May 7

Full-Time Applied Business Analtyics (MABA)

May 6

Healthcare Business Analytics (MHBA)

Aug 9-10

Professional Master of Information Systems (ProMIS)

Aug 9-10

Professional Master of Applied Business Analytics (ProMABA)

Aug 9-10

Marketing (MSMKTG)

Aug 14

Supply Chain Management (MSSCMT) Fall: Aug 8 (in-person in Rogers, 5:30pm); Aug 7 (100% online, Zoom, 6pm)
Spring: TBD
Accounting Ph.D.

July 25

Economics Ph.D.

July 25

Finance Ph.D.

July 25

Information Systems Ph.D.

Aug 13

Management Ph.D.

Aug 13

Marketing Ph.D.

Aug 13

Strategy and Entrepreneurship Ph.D.

July 25

Supply Chain Management Ph.D.

Aug 13

Blockchain Enterprise Systems Graduate Certificate

Aug 11

Business Analytics Graduate Certificate

Aug 11

Cybersecurity and Data Graduate Certificate

Aug 11

Enterprise Resource Planning Graduate Certificate

Aug 11

Entrepreneurship Graduate Certificate


Healthcare Business Analytics Graduate Certificate

Aug 11

After Acceptance & Before Arrival

Activate Email, UA Connect, and Blackboard

Activate your accounts for university email, UA Connect, and Blackboard through campus IT.

Activate Your Accounts

Immunization Records

All students enrolling in on-campus classes must submit their immunization records before enrolling in classes. You can submit your records by sending them to the contact information below. Some high schools will include immunization records with official high school transcripts. This is also an acceptable way to submit your records. If your records are received by our office, we will send them to the health center for you.

Submit by mail: 525 North Garland Avenue Fayetteville, AR 72701
Submit by fax or email: F: 479-575-7789 E:


Holds can be placed on your student account for a variety of reasons. You can check holds through UA Connect. Learn more about certain HOLDS under Pathway to Enrollment at the Graduate School and International Education.

Financial Aid

Competitive scholarships are available to eligible master's students. Visit Walton College Scholarship Information for details.

Walton College Scholarship Information

If you plan to apply for financial aid or just want to know your options, you can reach out to the Office of Financial Aid. You can initiate this process as soon as you have been admitted to a program.

Financial Aid

Tuition Payments

Make sure to pay your balance on time, or late fees will be added. You will be made aware of deadlines for the upcoming semester during orientation, but make sure to remain aware of deadlines on the Treasurer’s website. Payment plan options are also available.

Treasurer's Office

International Student Resources

The office of International Students & Scholars is a fantastic resource for our international students. The ISS office hosts an orientation specific for international students, helps in areas of visas and immigration, and hosts events and programing specifically for international students.

International Student Resources

After Arrival


While at Walton you will work with your program director/advisor to enroll in courses. Unlike undergrad, there is no rush to race for the last open spot! You will have space reserved for the courses you need. Enrollment will first be done during the orientation process and will be handled by your advisor/program director.

Student ID

Having a student ID unlocks many doors, both figuratively and literally! Your ID will get you access to graduate study rooms, fitness center, sporting events, and much more. You will have an opportunity to get your ID during the orientation process. 

Student ID


As a student, you have access to the Pat Walker Health Center, which is located right on campus and serves as a primary care clinic, provides mental health services, and offers student health insurance.


Student Health Insurance

Student Health Insurance

Graduate Assistantship Terms

Background check: A graduate assistant offer assumes that proof of legal authority to work in the United States can be provided on the first day of appointment and is contingent upon the satisfactory completion of a criminal background and sex offender registry check. Determination of satisfactory is at the sole discretion of the University. The request to complete required background checks will come from HireRight (the university's third-party background check vendor) and will be sent to the email address that was used to apply. Please follow the instructions in the email and submit the requested information as soon as possible to ensure timely processing. An adverse background check may result in withdrawal of the assistantship and the student may be required to reimburse the University for tuition.

Tuition and Fees: 50% appointed graduate assistants will be classified as in-state resident students for tuition purposes. The University will waive in-state resident tuition for a minimum of 6 hours and a maximum of 15 hours each fall and spring semester. If appointed during the summer, the University will waive in-state resident tuition for a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 9 hours, depending on the length of summer appointment. Additional hours or a reduction in hours require the approval of the Graduate School for any semester while appointed as a graduate assistant. All fees are the responsibility of the student. If a graduate assistant chooses to participate in the student health insurance plan and meets the eligibility criteria, a portion of their health insurance premium will be paid by the University.

Dates of Appointment; Work Schedule: Graduate assistants are expected to be available for work each week, 20 hours per week, during the entirety of their appointment, including University breaks during the semester, except when the University is closed for specific holidays. Hours may not be averaged from week to week.

Evaluation; Termination of Appointment:  Evaluation of work will be conducted by the graduate assistant’s supervisor. Criteria for evaluation will be set by the supervisor, but failure to perform duties in a satisfactory manner may result in the termination of an assistantship. In the event of unsatisfactory work performance, the graduate assistant will be notified in writing of the possibility of termination, with a statement of actions pertaining to the duties of the assistantship to be taken within a specific time period to achieve satisfactory performance. Further, graduate assistants may be terminated immediately for cause or for job abandonment, among other conditions contained in Board of Trustees Policy 500.1. In the event of termination for convenience, Board of Trustees Policy 500.1 requires that the graduate assistant be notified in writing of the possibility of termination at least 60 days in advance. Finally, graduate assistants may be terminated from their positions at the end of any semester because of being placed on academic warning, failure to earn a minimum number of graduate credits, or failure to maintain an appropriate grade point average as per program and/or Graduate School rules. Graduate assistants are also required to remain in good disciplinary standing. In all instances, a graduate assistant offer and the terms and conditions of the appointment are subject to all applicable policies of the Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas and of the institution. Such policies are subject to change at the discretion of the Board and the institution. These terms and all applicable policies of the University, including but not limited to policies contained in the Graduate Catalog, the Graduate Student Handbook, the Code of Student Life, and departmental/program handbooks, contain the entire understanding between us, and there are no agreements, whether written or oral, regarding employment other than those contained in the official offer letter received in Workday.

Employment Verification: Failure to provide documentation of eligibility to work in the U.S. by the end of the third business day as required by federal law may lead to termination of the appointment.

Graduate School Requirements: International graduate assistants cannot have greater than a 50 percent appointment without prior written authorization from the Office of International Students and Scholars.All graduate assistants must earn at least a 2.85 grade point average on all courses taken for graduate credit each semester of appointment, though departments and programs may have higher grade point average requirements.

Important Notice from the Graduate School
If a graduate assistant in any way violates the terms of this appointment by withdrawing from the University, by dropping below the minimum required registration credits, or in other ways not satisfactorily meeting requirements of the appointment, that person will be required to reimburse a portion of the tuition waiver based on Board of Trustees Policy 520.9.

You can review all the requirements and benefits of a graduate assistantship on the Graduate School and International Education website. Your official offer letter will come through Workday.

There is no separate application for graduate assistantships. All students reviewed for admission are reviewed for available funding. Any funding offers made will appear in your Student Portal.

Parking & Bus Transit

There are a number of parking options on campus, which have a range of pricing. Other options include: parking at a satellite location and riding the bus in, taking the bus from one of several routes, ride/walk in using the extensive greenway system in Fayetteville. Whatever you choose, make sure to pay if you are parking on campus, they will ticket you otherwise!


The bus system is free and runs throughout Fayetteville, not just to and from campus. 

Bus Routes/Schedule

Extra Resources


Students can purchase a pass to attend Football and Basketball games in the student section. However, most athletic events can be accessed simply by presenting a student ID.

Athletics–Student Tickets

Hotel/Restaurants/Local Life

While your academics are the reason you’re here, we also want to enjoy your time outside of the classroom! Fayetteville and the surrounding area of Northwest Arkansas (NWA) have just about anything you’d want to relax and adventure. While the links below have a ton of options, make sure to ask the staff of GSB or your profession for their personal recommendations!


Eat & Play


Fayetteville is a college town, so there is no shortage of great housing options. Also, because the bus service is free and runs throughout Fayetteville, you are not limited to area immediately surrounding campus.



Grad school can be stressful, so make sure you take the opportunity de-stress through one of the many recreational opportunities that the university provides. As a student, you will have access to a state-of-the-art recreation facility with pool, weight room, climbing wall, and more. You can also access several fitness classes, partake in intramural spots, and even rent gear to explore the outdoors in the Ozarks!


Tech Center

Walton is fortunate to have our own dedicated IT support center. Our IT professionals can help you get the most out of your time here by utilizing available software on our cloud system, as well as making the most out of technology in the classroom.

Walton College Tech Center


Have Questions?

Contact the Walton College Graduate School of Business by emailing or calling 479-575-2851.


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