Healthcare Business Analytics Certificate

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The Graduate Certificate credential is a part-time credential open to individuals with backgrounds in any discipline.

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Healthcare systems capture enormous amounts of information – electronic health records, billing information, patient wait times, supply records – as well as more novel forms of data such as chronic disease monitoring and radio-frequency identification tracking. Managerial issues include how to influence electronic data users to employ analytics consistently for improving healthcare delivery, managing the reporting and sharing of data, and leveraging data and resources to improve health at a manageable cost.


Healthcare Business Analytics Graduate Certificate

Healthcare Business Analytics Graduate Certificate

Required Hours: 12

Program Start Date: Fall

Application Deadline:
July 1

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Healthcare Business Analytics Certificate Curriculum

Required Courses 9 hours

ESRM 53003: Healthcare Analytics Fundamentals The Healthcare Analytics Fundamentals course provides fundamental knowledge and skills in several major areas of healthcare and business data analytics in a modular format. Several modules that emphasize healthcare analytics as well as data fundamentals, concepts, and problems are used and include - Healthcare Analytics Concepts, Problems, and Management; Intermediate & Advanced Spreadsheet Topics; Relational Databases & SOL; and Introductory Programming with Python.
ISYS 55003: Decision Support and Analytics Analysis of the highest level of information support for the manager-user. A study of systems providing analytics-based information derived from databases within and/or external to the organization and used to support management in the decision making. Application of tools in business analytics, problem solving, and decision making.
ESRM 58203: Healthcare Business Analytics I Fundamentals of healthcare analytics to include data patterns, forecasting techniques, and linear prediction models, including theoretical and mathematical study of assumptions in model building.

Select one course from the following 3 hours

ISYS 58303: Data Management Systems Investigation and application of advanced database concepts include database administration, database technology, and selection and acquisition of database management systems. Data modeling and system development in a database environment.
ISYS 58403: Seminar in Business Intelligence & Knowledge Management Business intelligence focuses on assessing and creating information and knowledge from internal and external sources to support business decision making process. In this seminar, data mining and information retrieval techniques will be used to extract useful knowledge from data, which could be used for business intelligence, and knowledge management.
ESRM 58503: Healthcare Business Analytics II Intermediate healthcare analytics to include categorical analyses and logistic regression for binary and polytomous models applied to healthcare.

The Professional MIS program, as opposed to the full-time MIS, can be completed in less than 2 years. Students take 6 hours each semester and meet approximately one Saturday every month.

The full-time MIS program, as opposed to the part-time Professional MIS, can be completed in one year.

The Healthcare Business Analytics program is a part-time program that can be completed in less than two years.

The Master of Applied Business Analytics program is offered as part-time or full-time programs. The full-time program can be completed in one year, and the part-time program can be completed in less than two years.