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With constantly evolving business requirements, employers need professionals with broad knowledge of how various business functions fit together.

Our Executive MBA program will expand your expertise in core business fields so you can draw critical connections that impact your organization.

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Our program is built around your life and career. With face-to-face class days organized just one Saturday per month, the Walton EMBA is designed to accommodate your busy schedule as a working professional.

Strong connections with Fortune 500 companies in our region put you within reach of a powerful network of business leaders so you can advance your career.

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Admission to Walton College masters programs is selective. Enrollment in each program is limited. 

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Wondering who you’ll meet in class? Get to know our current students.

Just the Facts: Walton Executive MBA

Program Length

Two Years

Part-time schedule: 6 hours of coursework per semester. Students attend class just one Saturday each month.

Start Date


New cohorts begin each Fall Semester for the Executive MBA program.

Admissions Info

Do I Qualify to Enroll?

Complete your undergraduate degree and meet additional requirements. View Requirements

Entrance Test

No Test Score Required

Based on the high level of average work experience applicants bring to the program, the GMAT or GRE test score is waived as a recognition of the value this work experience brings to the academic setting.

Application Deadline

July 19*

*Late applications may be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out to Brock Daniels with any questions: BDaniels@walton.uark.edu.

Total Estimated Cost


Out of State: $48,653.30
International: $48,653.30
Healthcare Executive MBA: $56,335.40
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Financial Assistance

Paying for College

Scholarships, Graduate Assistantships, and Financial Aid

Class Profile

Current Students

View a listing of current Walton Executive MBA Students.

News and Notes: Walton MBA Insider

A Quick Walk with Hamish Cameron

In this episode of A Quick Walk with Brent Williams, Brent meets Hamish Cameron, Senior Manager, Pickup & Delivery Acceleration for Walmart, at the new Walton Family Whole Health and Fitness center. Hamish is a recent graduate (as of May 2024) of the Executive MBA program at Walton College! During their walk, Brent and Hamish discuss the ways in which the Executive MBA program have improved his career and expanded his network. He also touched on how he has taken the innovations learned in the classroom directly into the workplace.


Invaluable Connections and Global Opportunity with Hattie Shelton

When Hattie Shelton reapplied for the MBA program, she couldn't justify leaving her growing career behind to return to school. That’s when she found the Executive Master of Business Administration Program offered in a hybrid format by the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas.


Student Spotlight: Sydney Combs

Sydney Combs (Walton MBA ’24) has a professional background in consulting and is completing a custom track in management, financial markets and data analytics.


Student Spotlight: Laura Jo Randall

Laura Jo Randall, MBA, district manager for ALDI USA and recent Walton MBA graduate completed the accelerated Walton MBA program with a concentration in supply chain.


Student Spotlight: Adam Grant

Adam Grant is a sales account manager at Butterball, LLC and a member of the 2024 Walton Executive MBA cohort.


Student Spotlight: Will Smith

Will Smith is an operator at the Benton Washington Regional Public Water Authority and a member of the 2023 Walton Executive MBA cohort.


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The Northwest Arkansas Community

Join a supportive and engaging community located in the vibrant business network of Northwest Arkansas, with over 300 Fortune 500 companies with a presence in the region.

Business leaders and Walton College alumni are closely connected to the college and the Executive MBA, not just during your studies, but throughout your career.

More About Northwest Arkansas

Courses and Program Schedule

First Year Classes

Late Summer/Orientation

Accounting/Statistics Boot Camp (no credit) This course examines how accounting records economic events and ultimately communicates the results of those events in the financial statements, including the balance sheet, income statement and the statement of cash flows. Topics includes the accounting cycle as well as accounting for assets, liabilities, stockholders’ equity, revenues and expenses. There is also a thorough discussion of how accounting incorporates internal controls to safeguard a firm’s assets. The course concludes with an overview of financial statements and how financial statement analysis can help monitor and measure the overall financial performance of the firm.
BADM 56002: Introduction to Strategy This course provides an introduction to business strategy, the driving force behind virtually all decisions of the firm. The goal of strategy is to make decisions that create value for customers, employees, and suppliers. This course offers an introduction to this value creation process.

Fall Semester

SCMT 51303: Quantitative Methods and Decision Making Utilization of information, quantitative techniques, and computer application in decision making and problem solving for managers.
MKTG 52203: Marketing Product management, market research, marketing communications, retailing and distribution, consumer behavior, and social and ethical implications of marketing.

Spring Semester

ECON 52503: Economics of Management and Strategy Information economics and applied game theory.
FINN 51103: Corporate Financial Management Financial analysis, planning and control; decision making and modeling for financial managers; and financial policies for management.

Summer Semester

ACCT 52603: Financial Statement Analysis for Executives This course provides a framework for understanding the intersection between business strategy, accounting, economics, and finance. Using historical financial statements as the primary information input, you will employ tools that enable you to better understand the drivers of current performance and risk, forecast future performance, and construct a value estimate. These tools can be applied in a number of contexts including equity valuation, project selection, and managerial evaluation. Not eligible for MAcc program students. Prerequisite: MBA Director consent.
BADM 55303: Global Business Provides MBA students with the opportunity to explore a business problem in depth under the guidance of a graduate faculty member.

Second Year Classes

Fall Semester

SCMT 56603: PLAN: Demand Planning and Inventory Operations This course focuses on 'plan' in the plan, source, make, deliver framework. It examines the integrated planning and management of supply chain activities including, notably, demand forecasting and replenishment. In addition to modeling related decisions both in within-firm and supply chain contexts, strategic issues related to interfirm coordination and collaboration will be discussed.
ISYS 56003: Analytics and Visualization This course focuses on how to discern and tell your story visually using data based on traditional graphical data representation as well as the latest data and information technologies. Coverage includes both visualization theory and hands-on exercises using appropriate computing tools. The course will also include visualization of predictive, clustering, and association models. The opportunities and challenges of Big Data visualization will be explored.

Spring Semester

Career Track I Career tracks will be chosen during the second year of the program. Career tracks are available in Supply Chain, Finance, Organizational Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate, Retail, Business Analytics Certificate, or Healthcare.
Career Track II Career tracks will be chosen during the second year of the program. Career tracks are available in Supply Chain, Finance, Organizational Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Certificate, Retail, Business Analytics Certificate, or Healthcare.

Summer Semester

MGMT 56103: Leadership and Organizational Behavior Managing in a global workforce, including human resource issues, motivation, performance evaluation, quality concepts, transformational leadership, and selection/ recruitment/ development of employees.
SEVI 53103: Strategic Management Strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and other topics related to the long-term success of the firm. Includes role of the general manager, international issues, and the impact of management fads on decision making.

View more details in the Executive MBA Program catalog listing or in the Executive Healthcare MBA Program catalog listing.

Program Highlights

The Walton Executive MBA program prepares our students to lead. We develop executive leaders by offering a broad coverage of the most essential business concepts, building critical skills in Leadership, Strategy, Finance, Accounting, Data Analytics, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Economics, and Global Business. Students have the ability to network with business professionals from across the region and earn the same MBA degree as our full-time students.

In addition to the holistic overview of core business concepts, students are allowed the ability to take a deep dive into a specific area relevant to their interests or career focus: Supply Chain, Finance, Organizational Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Certificate, Retail, Business Analytics Certificate, Healthcare

Opportunities to grow don’t end with the classroom. Students will enhance their understanding of the business and cultural environments of prominent emerging markets through overseas projects in Global Business. EMBA students also participate in our award-winning entrepreneurship program, professional development with industry experts, and networking with extraordinary corporate connections.

Executive MBA
Healthcare Career Track Option

The Healthcare career track is designed for students who wish to develop specialized expertise in health care administration, blended with best practices from other industries, as they complete a full MBA degree.

The healthcare course offerings are designed and will be delivered by the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences in partnership with the Walton College. This program is specifically designed for physicians and other clinicians who wish to prepare themselves for managerial roles and for individuals interested in moving into healthcare management as well as for those who realize the need for specific healthcare expertise to benefit them in their current roles.

In order to provide our students with the necessary scope in healthcare administration studies, this track includes two additional classes and therefore incurs an extra cost. Please see Cost and Funding for details.

Work-Life Balance

When trying to decide if getting your MBA is the next step to furthering your career, what often comes to mind is the time commitment. How can you take the leap into a program without the confidence that it won’t derail the life and career you’ve worked so hard to build?

We know you don’t have time to stop the rest of your life while you get your degree, so we designed the Walton Executive MBA to fit into your busy schedule. Our part-time program balances classroom instruction with online learning activities. With face-to-face class days organized just one Saturday per month, you can plan your schedule up to a year in advance. Our faculty make sure you know your assignments well ahead of time, giving you the ability to plan around your work schedule.

Saturday Class Dates

(ISYS Only)
(EMBA and MS SCMT Only)

* Students admitted to the professional programs in the Walton College are required to attend a multi-day orientation prior to the start of scheduled courses. Dates to be determined. Please contact gsb@walton.uark.edu for more information.

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