Research: Department of Information Systems

The Information Systems Department has an active and flourishing research program. We are driven by a common vision to have a significant global impact through excellence in research, teaching, and industry connection.

Recent Research Highlights

Department consistently ranked among the top five in the world in publications in top IS research journals. Ranked jointly 1st worldwide for research productivity in 2015 and 2013.

Department faculty published 24 articles in the top two IS research journals (MIS Quarterly and Information Systems Research) during 2016-2020 (

The department includes a winner of the AIS LEO Award (Dr. Varun Grover), a Fellow of IEEE (Dr. Rajiv Sabherwal), three Fellows of the Association for Information Systems (Dr. Sabherwal, Dr. Grover, and Dr. Mary Lacity). The ISYS department is the only department in the world to include faculty with these prestigious awards for outstanding research.

The department includes a recipient of the AIS Early Career Award (Dr. Zach Steelman) and two recipients of the AIS Best Dissertation Award (Dr. Jeff Mullins and Dr. Abhijith Anand).

Three members of the department have been recognized as Association for Information Systems Distinguished Members Cum Laude (Dr. Grover and Dr. Sabherwal) or Distinguished Member (Dr. Rhonda Syler).

Lacity and the Blockchain Center of Excellence team are part of a $3.5 million grant for “Poultry Excellence in China: Improving Food Safety of Poultry Supply Chain – Phase II” sponsored by the Walmart Foundation.

The department includes three of the top ten most cited (based on Google Scholar) faculty at the University of Arkansas: Dr. Grover, Dr. Lacity, and Dr. Sabherwal.

Grover is among the Top 5 IS Researchers based on h-index and is ranked #1 in Sociometric Analysis in An Analysis of the Most Published Authors and Most Cited Authors in the DATABASE for Advances in Information Systems in 2019.

Lacity received both the Best Information Systems Publications Award and the Outreach Practice Publication Award from the Association of Information Systems in 2019.

Based on publications in MIS Quarterly and Information Systems Research in 2019, Dr. Sabherwal was tied with two other individuals for #1 in the world. Dr. Steelman was tied with 8 others for #4 in the world.

Tracy Sykes was identified in a study published in 2015 as the most productive researcher in the world among all information systems assistant professors earning their doctorates in or after 2000.

Departmental faculty serve as senior editors, department editors, and editorial board members of numerous prestigious journals.

Recent Publications (2019-2022)

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