J.B. Hunt Transport Department of Supply Chain Management

Supply chain managers make life better by helping people all over the world get what they want, where they want it, when it's wanted. These resilient, creative professionals enjoy processes, analytics, collaboration, improving global sustainability, and risk management.


Supply Chain Curriculum

Industry is the lab in which supply chain students learn.

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Supply Chain Faculty

Supply Chain Faculty

Find world-class teachers, researchers, and practitioners.

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Logistics Industry

Industry Value

Enter the work force with industry experience and skills.

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International Logistics Students

Global Initiatives

Prepare to work and succeed in a global economy.

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Gartner Ranked as number one supply chain bachelors program.

Supply Chain Student Experiences

From their first class to graduation, our students tackle real problems on a global scale with world-class faculty and industry-leading partners to develop skills for:

Holistic, practical understanding of the entire supply chain network and how decisions in one area impact outcomes in others to increase resilience.

Elite Supply Chain Degrees

In 2022 and 2020, our undergraduate supply chain program was ranked # 1 in North America by Gartner, the leading global research firm.

This ranking is highly respected throughout industry, which makes our graduates very sought after as they move on to internships and careers.

As stated by Gartner, this #1 ranking is reflective of “inclusion of global content, great popularity within the industry, robust program size, strong internship and/or co-op participation, and starting salary.”

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How We Became the No. 1 Undergraduate Supply Chain Management Program
Walton’s Supply Chain Management Program Ranked No. 1 Again

Industry Opportunities

In addition to faculty expertise, our students benefit from the Walton College Supply Chain Management Research Center, which connects students to industry executives, internships, and job opportunities.

Ranked number one undergraduate program for supply chain majors.

Academic Programs

In addition to faculty expertise, our students benefit from the Walton College Supply Chain Management Research Center, which connects students to industry executives, internships, and job opportunities. Recognizing the quality of the SCM program faculty and graduates, the U.S. News & World Report has rated the Walton Supply Chain program among the best in the United States.



Supply Chain Undergraduate Program
Bachelor’s Degree

Learn about Supply Chain from beginning to end, from planning and forecasting to sourcing, purchasing, shipping and storage. Prepare for careers at any number of companies that manufacture and distribute goods to customers.

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Supply Chain Graduate Programs
Master's Degree, MBA Concentration, Ph.D

Advance in your current career or transition into the supply chain profession. Our graduate degrees will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to drive success and deliver value in your organization.

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Online Supply Chain Management Degree
Bachelor's Degree

online degree

This online program provides a flexible and cost-effective opportunity to pursue a supply chain degree, whether you are new to college, completing a degree started years ago, or seeking an additional degree to enhance your skillsets.

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Executive Education
Redesign your operations for peak performance.

Walton provides trusted advisors to help in moving your company's strategies forward. Our cadre of instructors includes seasoned practitioners and nationally-recognized faculty from a variety of industries and disciplines.

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The Supply Chain Management Research Center

Benefit from the College's Supply Chain Management Research Center, which connects students to industry executives leading to job opportunities, internships and other support.

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Supply Chain Curriculum at Walton

The Walton SCM curriculum is designed to be experiential. Indeed, industry is the lab in which supply chain students learn.

Walton SCM students are given opportunities to learn, experience, and apply supply chain knowledge and skills through industry project-based courses, internships, student clubs, global study abroad, and industry case competitions.

Through our integrated curriculum model, students are equipped with the foundations and experiences to excel in careers in the supply chain industry.

Supply Chain Courses

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CSCMP Supply Chain Hall of Fame

Supply Chain Hall of Fame
The Council for Supply Chain Professionals is the world's preeminent professional association dedicated to the advancement and dissemination of research and knowledge on supply chain management. Thanks to the generous support of Johnelle Hunt and the Blass family, the University of Arkansas, Sam M. Walton College of Business will host, coordinate and organize exhibits and events related to the CSCMP hall of fame at a new location that will open near campus in Rogers, AR.
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Supply Chain Insights

Faculty and stakholders of the J.B. Hunt Transport Department of Supply Chain Management often share their research and expertise at Walton Insights, a publication of the Sam M. Walton College of Business.

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Industry Value

Walton Supply Chain students enter the work force with industry experience, strategic and operational understanding of the supply chain, skills and tools to analyze today’s data driven challenges, and the managerial competence to achieve company goals.

supply chain industry value

SCM Advantage: A Professional Development Program for Supply Chain Students

The SCM Advantage program encourages engagement and provides promotion and development opportunities for Walton SCM Students.

The program is a critical tool that ensures Walton SCM students develop important inter-personal, communication, and leadership skills in parallel to the leading curricular knowledge being gained through formal course work. This ensures the Walton SCM program is providing the industry with advanced talent to lead their supply chains into the future.

Through a progressive series of engagement and leadership development activities, Walton SCM students are awarded value add services provided by the department. These value add services include the SCM Internship Spotlight Video Series, Online Resume Book, Video Resumes, and Professional Development Industry Certificates.

supply chain student opportunities

Supply Chain Management Research Center at Walton College

The Supply Chain Management Research Center (SCMRC) at the Sam M. Walton College of Business sponsors and promotes supply chain, logistics, and transportation research and education.

We provide thought leadership to consumers, to business leaders, and to policy makers through relevant and rigorous research, events, and peer to peer discussions. Learn more.

supply chain research center

Industry Engagement: Lean Processes Training with Simmons Foods

Industry Interactions with Supply Chain Student Groups and Clubs

Our goal is to introduce students to a wide network of individuals and opportunities to build their professional futures.

Sigma Chi Mu Tau, the Supply Chain Management Honor Society founded by the Department of Supply Chain Management at the Sam M. Walton College of Business

Women Impacting Supply Chain Excellence (WISE) is a Walton College student-lead organization with an active executive branch working to deliver a new perspective by increasing awareness and interest in logistics and supply chain management through programming, mentoring, networking and other special events.

The Arkansas Supply Chain Association (ASCA) is dedicated to outreach and professional development among college students interested in a supply chain and logistics career. Our goal is to introduce students to a wide network of individuals and opportunities to build their professional futures.

Faculty Adviser
Donnie Williams, executive director of the Supply Chain Management Research Center, serves as the faculty adviser for ASCA. He may be contacted at DWilliams3@walton.uark.edu.


Global Initiatives in Supply Chain

With transcontinental research partnerships with other universities, as well as faculty-led study abroad programs focused on supply chain, Walton College is growing it's reputation as a logistics knowledge center for industry and scholarship.

international supply chain partnerships

China Partnerships

The department of SCMT has partnered with two universities in China to develop undergraduate bilingual talent. Combined, the two programs consist of approximately 400 students who study for 3 years in China then have an opportunity to transfer to Fayetteville campus and receive a degree from UA Walton College in Supply Chain Management.

soochow university

Soochow University is strategically located in Suzhou which boasts one of the leading manufacturing and logistics hubs in China.This along with the close proximately to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Nanjing provides a robust regional connection to industry and students.Kunming University of Science and Technology is strategically located in the Southwest most Yunnan Province in China which is the primary logistics connection to key neighbors of Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and Myanmar.

kunming university

From a research perspective the department is engaged in two significant projects.

One, with multi-year funding from the Walmart Foundation, helping lead supply chain food safety research in China with university collaborators at China Agriculture University in Beijing, Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, and South China Agriculture in Guangzhou.

The other is beginning our 4th year of research with the Ministry of Transportation and Alibaba's Logistics group Cainiao. This longitudinal research is focused on retail supply chain issues and a benchmark comparison of US and China macro economic logistics cost.

Faculty Interview: China Initiatives

John Kent is the Director of Supply Chain China Initiatives at the University of Arkansas, and has made significant strides in facilitating relationships with universities in China.

Study Abroad

U of A Faculty-Led: International Business Seminar in Brazil

supply chain study abroad in Brazil

Brazil is very relevant from a supply chain perspective as one of the world’s largest economies. Students study and visit companies in Rio de Janeiro and Recife. Learn more.

U of A Faculty-Led: International Business Seminar in China

supply chain study abroad in china

Emphasis on the changing business environment in China, and exposure to opportunities and challenges of international logistics.

Faculty leadership for the trip comes from Supply Chain Professor John Kent. Learn more.

More Study Abroad Destinations

Faculty-led study abroad programs expose Walton College students to international business realities, preparing them to work and succeed in a global economy. View destinations.

study abroad destinations