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Supply Chain Bachelor's Degree

Supply Chain Management majors will complete foundational courses that cover the holistic and integrated areas of supply chain management, a required internship, and will select one of one of seven minors: Business Analytics, ERP/Blockchain, Finance, Economics, Management, Marketing, Retail.

Supply Chain Degree Program

Graduates of the Supply Chain Management (SCM) program will find themselves in exciting and diverse roles in organizations where they will manage planning, forecasting, new product introduction, manufacturing production, sourcing, sales, and distribution. These activities are required for the efficient flow of goods and services between the points of their creation and their ultimate consumption or disposition.

Supply Chain Degree in Arkansas

‘Making the Pieces Fit’ Key for Supply Chain Management Students

A degree in supply chain management provides a broad range of career opportunities – inventory analysts, demand planners, purchasing managers, warehouse supervisors, logistics specialists and account representatives, just to name a few. Graduates can work in just about every type of industry, from retail to manufacturing to management consulting. Once students learn about the puzzle pieces and how to put them together, they typically find themselves in high demand with employers.


Supply Chain Courses

View a listing of all undergraduate Supply Chain Management courses offered by the Sam M. Walton College of Business.

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Research Center

The Supply Chain Management Research Center links students, faculty and industry to develop tomorrow's supply chain leaders.

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Required Internship

To ensure that students acquire the skills necessary for career success, the Supply Chain Management Department requires all students to obtain additional internship training directly related to the Supply Chain degree prior to graduation.

The Supply Chain Department considers your internship to be an integral part of your overall University Experience.

The Supply Chain Internship Program enables students to gain degree-related experience prior to graduation.

It is a planned, progressive educational strategy in which the supply chain knowledge gained is equal to or greater than the knowledge gained in a traditional classroom setting.

In addition to the educational experience, many internships subsequently result in full-time offers from the internship provider.

Supply Chain Management Minor for Business Students

The Department of Supply Chain Management offers a minor for Walton College students desiring more knowledge of transportation and logistics to assist them in their careers. The minor requires the completion of 15 hours of study with all of the courses applied toward the minor taken in residence.

Requirements for the Minor