Student Organizations: Department of Supply Chain Management


Sigma Chi Mu Tau: Supply Chain Management Honor Society

Sigma Chi Mu Tau recognizes academic merit and encourages leadership, ethical behavior and commitment to high standards in the pursuit of supply chain management excellence. Membership is extended to supply chain management juniors and seniors as well as educators and professionals who have shown dedication and contributions to the supply chain management profession.

Membership is open to students majoring in supply chain management who have taken at least one upper level supply chain course. Invitations are sent to students based on rank in class. Juniors must rank in the top 10 percent of their class and seniors must ranking in the top 20 percent of their class. Invitations are extended once during a student’s academic career.

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Women Impacting Supply Chain Excellence

Women Impacting Supply Chain Excellence (WISE) is a Walton College student-lead organization with an active executive branch working to deliver a new perspective by increasing awareness and interest in logistics and supply chain management through programming, mentoring, networking and other special events.

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Arkansas Supply Chain Association

The Arkansas Supply Chain Association (ASCA) is dedicated to outreach and professional development among college students interested in a supply chain and logistics career. Our goal is to introduce students to a wide network of individuals and opportunities to build their professional futures.

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Faculty Adviser

Donnie Williams, executive director of the Supply Chain Management Research Center, serves as the faculty adviser for ASCA. He may be contacted at


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