Let’s Talk About Fraud: A New Business Integrity Leadership Program for Spring

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December 18 , 2020

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The Spring 2021 Let’s Talk about Fraud program, produced by the Walton College Business Integrity Leadership Initiative, consists of a book, 4 speakers, and a fraud workshop.

The Let’s Talk about Fraud book of the semester is: “Why They Do It. Inside the Mind of the White Collar Criminal”, by Harvard Business School Professor, Eugene Soltes.

The speaker series consists of two white collar criminals, Walt Pavlo and Richard Bistrong, both of whom spent time in jail for their crimes and are now devoting their professional efforts towards education so others can learn from their mistakes.

Let's Talk About Fraud

Walt Pavlo, a former MCI/WorldCom executive, was convicted for his role in one of the largest accounting fraud’s in history. He now consults, writes and speaks on topics ranging from white collar crime to criminal justice.

Richard Bistrong, a former VP of International Sales for a publicly-traded, multi-national company, was convicted for his role in conspiring to pay bribes to agents at the United Nations and foreign government officials in exchange for business.

Our third speaker is Chuck Duross, former Deputy Chief of the Department of Justice’s Criminal Fraud Section, and now a globally recognized white collar criminal defense attorney with Morrison Foerster. Chuck is internationally recognized for his leading role in developing and implementing the government’s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act enforcement strategy.

Our final speaker is Eugene Soltes, the author of our book of the semester, and a Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School. Eugene’s work focuses on corporate integrity and utilizing data analytics to predict, detect, and mitigate issues related to organizational misconduct.

Our program will conclude with an educational workshop on fraud where we will discuss the overall topic in more detail, and discuss the learnings from our speakers and our book of the semester.

Register for each event via the links below:

Speaker: Walt Pavlo via Zoom
January 27, 6-7 pm

Speaker: Richard Bistrong via Zoom
February 17, 6-7 pm
(Open to Walton College Faculty, Staff and Students only.)

Speaker: Chuck Duross via Zoom
March 3, 6-7 pm

Speaker: Eugene Soltes via Zoom
March 17, 6-7 pm

Educational Workshop On Fraud via Zoom
April 7, 6-8 pm

Student Career Readiness Badge Opportunity

Sam Badge

Students can achieve the "Let’s Talk about Fraud" Badge by completing the following activities:

  • Read the book and upload a reflection in Suitable on what you learned.
  • Attend 2 of the 4 speaker presentations and upload a reflection in Suitable on what you learned.
  • Attend the educational workshop on fraud and upload a reflection in Suitable on what you learned.

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Completing the "Let’s Talk about Fraud" badge also counts as credit toward your larger Business Integrity Career Readiness badge.

These are great differentiators for your LinkedIn profile and resume.

Faculty, Staff and Community e-Certificate

walton college of business

Faculty, staff and the community attendees can achieve a LinkedIn e-Certificate by completing the following "Let’s Talk about Fraud" activities:

For more information on the program email the Business Integrity Leadership Initiative at wcobili@walton.uark.edu.