University of Arkansas

Walton College

The Sam M. Walton College of Business

Student Advisory Board

A Voice for Students


The Dean's Student Advisory Board provides the student constituency a forum to voice their needs, concerns, and suggestions as they pertain to future planning and decision making within the College.

Membership Selection Guidelines

The board consists of approximately 24 students representing the diverse nature of the student body in the Walton College who will serve from September 1 through May 15. Care is taken to represent all majors, ethnic groups, gender, student classifications, student organizations, and physically challenged students. To ensure continuity from year to year, underclassmen are invited to continue their membership with the Board until graduation.

Subcommittees and Executive Committee

The board will consist of rotating subcommittees representing timely and relevant areas of concern, such as commencement speaker, long-range planning, student recruiting, retention, student placement, and general student concerns. Each subcommittee leader will also represent their group as a member of the executive committee.

Scheduled Meetings

The Executive Committee, each subcommittee, or the entire Student Advisory Board should meet no less than once a month. However, the Executive Committee and/or each subcommittee may require additional meetings depending upon group agendas.

Representatives of the University

Given that each student nominated to the Board represents a vital part of the Walton College community, board members serve as representatives of the college at special events throughout the year.

Faculty Advisor

The Faculty Advisor of the Dean's Student Advisory Board is appointed by the Associate Dean of the Walton College.

Changes to the Charter

Any changes to this charter must be approved by a majority vote of a quorum of board representatives.