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The mission of the Global Engagement Office (GEO) is to support the Sam M. Walton College of Business in its goal to be a leader in globalization, by developing and supporting initiatives that enhance the integration of a global perspective woven into the fabric of everyday thoughts and activities of students, faculty, and staff.

In other words, GEO aims to engage the Walton College in activities that will contribute to the understanding and competencies in international business, language, and cultures, thus building its capacity to be a globally competitive leader in the business and academic communities.


                  New! GEO Video Pitch Contest! 

The Global Engagement Office invites students who have had a credit-bearing study abroad experience to participate in our first ever video pitch contest!  In four minutes or less, explain the skills and knowledge you learned while studying abroad and enter to win prizes! June 1-30, 2021



  • Prompt: In four minutes or less, please describe the skills and knowledge gained from your study abroad experience and how this will be or has been useful in your academic and/or professional career.
  • Requirements
    • Not to exceed 4 minutes
    • Open to all Walton students who have had an international experience. This includes face-to-face AND virtual programs
    • Should be a credit-bearing experience from the University of Arkansas
    • Include name of program you attended
    • Students should hit on the key points of skills and knowledge learned (See Helpful Information When Making Your Video Section)

1st Place: $50 Amazon Gift Card + flag from country of your choice + passport holder

2nd Place: $25 Amazon gift card + flag from country of your choice + passport holder

One academic experience acquired during your tenure at Walton that is valued by employers is an international experience (e.g. faculty led study abroad, internship, research, etc.). However, if you cannot articulate how this experience has impacted your knowledge and skills, and therefore your ability to add value to their company, it can hurt you. In a study abroad experience, you learn about business practices in a different country, but most importantly, you understand a little better why these differences exist: economic and social conditions, cultural differences, political and religious systems, history, etc. In a nutshell, students should pay attention to two main categories: knowledge and skills.

  • Knowledge: of business practices (especially in your major/minor areas), market-specific knowledge, infrastructure, manufacturing, Market conditions in the country, culture, economic and political conditions in the country, language skills, legal aspects of business in the country, historical background of the country, and so forth
    •     With this knowledge, you are able to describe such areas in the country, but also
    •     Compare and contrast with such practices/reality in the US
    •     Identify how US business can adapt as to be successful in that country
    •     Or learn how can US businesses improve thanks to best practices observed in the country
  • Skills: In addition to knowledge areas, being in a study abroad program will allow you to develop important skills that should impact your success at the workplace. Skills employers value are numerous, but the following appear more frequently in the literature: cross-cultural communication skills, flexibility, independence, adaptability, ability to deal with ambiguity, problem solving skills, intercultural awareness
  • The contest will begin on June 1, 2021 with a final submission date of June 30th, 2021.
  • Please email your submission to 

By submitting your video to the Global Engagement Office, you acknowledge and agree that GEO may use these videos in internal and external marketing materials and on GEO's social media channels and partner media channels. 

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