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Faculty Development Grants

Support for Development of Faculty Global Knowledge and Skills

Enhancing the global content of the curriculum is one of the significant ways the Walton College can become a more global business school. To support faculty development of global knowledge and skills, the Walton College Global Engagement Office is requesting applications for small grants to support faculty in enhancing their global knowledge and skills.

Examples of activities that could be funded are:

• Direct costs (e.g. travel) of enhancing the global content of an existing course or creating a new international course (salary cannot be funded)

• Support for an international visiting scholar who will collaborate with Walton College faculty on global curriculum enhancement


• Full-time faculty members are eligible to apply. Preference will be given to faculty who do not hold an endowed position.

• Submit a brief description (with a title) of the activity for which you are seeking support. This does not have to be extensive but should be complete enough to justify funding as a global engagement activity. The typical expectation is that the faculty development activity will result in the enhancement of the global content of an existing course or a new course that is offered on a regular basis. Exceptions to this expectation will be considered as special cases.

  • Include details on the amount and use of the requested funding
  • Information on other sources of funding that will support the activity
  • Include a statement of support from the appropriate department chair confirming the need for the curriculum development and the intention to offer the course on a regular basis.

• Proposals will be considered by the GEO Director, and a member of the Research and Human Subjects Standing Committee.

• Typical grants awarded are about $1,000.

• Funds must be expended within a year of the date the grant is awarded.

Applications will be considered three times a year for an activity that will occur in the calendar year following the application date (e.g. September 30, 2021 application for an activity that will occur before September 30, 2023).

  • January 31, 2023
  • May 31, 2023
  • September 30, 2023

• Funding recipients are expected to report the outcomes of supported projects to the Global Engagement Office. Reports, due within six months of the funded activity, should include information on the new or revised course, particularly learning assurance measures of enhanced achievement of global learning objectives. In addition, grantees are expected to recognize GEO in their activities and/or events and participate in one GEO event during the grant year. Reports are to be submitted to Adriana Hofer, Director, at

• Application materials should be submitted by e-mail to the Director of the Global Engagement Office, Adriana R. Hofer, at, with a copy to Emily Chanmanivong, at