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Alumni Community at Walton College

Alumni Community

Reconnecting and engaging with fellow alumni and students

The Walton College alumni community serves as a vital and dynamic network for both current students and fellow graduates. This international group of distinguished business leaders, united by their shared experiences as Walton graduates, provides a wealth of support through various engagements such as advisory boards, speaking events, and student competition judging.

Their contributions offer valuable career insights and open doors to collaboration and professional opportunities.

Gerald and Troy Alley speak to a Walton College class.

Alumni in the Classroom

We welcome and encourage alumni to participate in our classrooms. There are various ways that alumni can remain connected to the college and give back to the next generation of business leaders, including serving as lecturers, guest speakers, competition judges, mentors, resume reviewers, and more. 

John Furner, President and Chief Executive Officer of Walmart U.S. and Walton College professor Jon Johnson speak to a class.

John Furner, President and CEO of Walmart US and Walton College alumnus, shares his strategic perspectives with Jon Johnson's strategy class.

Advisory Boards

Advisory boards serve as a powerful conduit for alumni to remain involved with the college, students, and the legacy of Walton College. In addition to helping foster continuous growth for the college, advisory boards present alumni with a rewarding platform to stay dynamically connected to their alma mater. → View Dean's Advisory Boards.View Academic Advisory Boards.

Students of the Dean's Alumni Advisory Council

Monetary Support

Walton College alumni can experience the  joy of transforming a student's life through the power of education. We welcome donations of all sizes and will apply funds to the area of greatest need or allow donors to tailor gifts to the area, department, or cause that means the most to them. In addition to scholarships, we collaborate with donors to determine the best way to utilize donations for other student assistance such as fellowships, study abroad programs, and classroom resources. Discover ways you can give.

Tommy and Sylvia Boyer with students at a Boyer Fellow reunion event.

Tommy and Sylvia Boyer with students at a Boyer Fellow reunion event.

Hiring Students

Alumni often return to recruit our current students for internships and professional positions, recognizing the quality and potential they possess. Through resources like our career fair and Career Connections office, we aim to connect the business leaders of today with the rising stars of tomorrow. Explore resources for hiring students.

Three Walton College students holding 'Walton Hired' signs.