Endowed Chairs, Professorships, and Lectureships

Thanks to the generosity of benefactors and donors, endowed chairs, professorships and lectureships give our faculty members the freedom to explore new ideas and inspire students with their cutting-edge research and knowledge. Financial backing provides funding for various expenses, such as research, travel, conferences, surveys or tools.


  • Endowed Chairs are funded by donations of $1 million or more and are the pinnacle of academic achievement. These prestigious positions are awarded to full professors who have made a name for themselves as preeminent scholars and researchers. 
  • Professorships are endowments given to exceptional faculty members to help fund and further their research, teaching and outreach in a particular area of expertise. These professorships are a distinguishing honor given to esteemed educators. 
  • Lectureships are extended to business scholars, researchers and leaders and serve as a funded invitation to deliver limited engagement lectures or a series of lectures in a particular field of study. 
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Current Listing of Endowed Chairs, Professorships and Lectureships


Doris M. Cook Chair in Accounting

Doyle Z. & Maynette Derr Williams Chair in Professional Accounting
Kris D. Allee

Garrison/Wilson Endowed Chair in Accounting
Jonathan E. Shipman

G. William Glezen Jr. Endowed Chair in Accounting
Vernon Richardson

Ralph L. McQueen Distinguished Chair of Accounting
Cory A. Cassell

S. Robson Walton Chair in Accounting
Gary F. Peters

Walter B. Cole Chair in Accounting

BKD LLP Lectureship in Accounting
Thomas P. Hayes Jr.

Dr. Nolan E. Williams Lecturer in Accounting
Barry Bryan


ConocoPhillips Chair in International Economics & Business
Raja Kali

Margaret Gerig & R.S. Martin Jr. Chair in Business
Amy L. Farmer

Lewis E. Epley Jr. Professorship
Sherry (Xin) Li


Alice L. Walton Chair in Finance
Wayne Y. Lee

Arkansas Bankers Association Chair in Banking
Timothy J. Yeager

Dillard’s Chair in Corporate Finance
Tomas Jandik

Garrison Endowed Chair in Finance
Wayne Y. Lee

Harold A. Dulan Chair in Capital Formation
Pu Liu

J.W. Bellamy Chair in Banking & Finance

Robert E. Kennedy Chair in Finance
Pu Liu

Clete and Tammy Brewer Professorship in Business
Craig Rennie

Edward W. Reed Endowed Professorship in Finance
Alexey Malakhov

Information Systems

David D. Glass Chair in Information Systems
Mary C. Lacity

Edwin and Karlee Bradberry Endowed Chair
Rajiv Sabherwal

George M. and Boyce W. Billingsley Endowed Chair in Information Systems
Varun Grover

M.D. Matthews Endowed Chair
T. Paul Cronan

Walton College Professorship in Information Systems


Charles C. Fichtner Endowed Chair
John E. Delery

John H. Tyson Chair in Management
Christopher C. Rosen

Raymond F. Orr Chair in Management
John E. Delery

William R. & Cacilia Howard Chair in Management
Anne M. O’Leary-Kelly


Robert A. and Vivian Young Distinguished Chair in Business
Judith Anne Garretson Folse

Tyson Chair in Food and Consumer Products Retailing
W. Scot Burton

Wal-Mart Chair in Marketing

Wal-Mart Lecturer in Retailing
Thomas D. Jensen

Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Venture Innovation

Cecil and Gwendolyn Cupp Applied Professorship in Entrepreneurship

Corporate Responsibility Professorship in Management
Dan L. Worrell

Walton College Professorship in Sustainability
Jonathan L. Johnson

Supply Chain Management

Garrison Endowed Chair in Supply Chain Management
Brent Williams

Oren Harris Chair in Logistics
John Aloysius

Oren Harris Chair of Transportation
Brian Fugate