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Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Langham

Sarah Langham
November 03, 2022  |  By Grant Schol

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Sarah Langham is a two-time graduate of the Walton College, receiving a bachelor's and master's degrees in accounting and currently serves on the Dean's Alumni Advisory Council (DAAC), a group of Walton alumni who support the advancement of the college. Check out our Q&A with Sarah below:

Q: What do you do on a day to day in your job? Give us a short day-in-the-life!
A: I’m a partner in the Fayetteville office of HoganTaylor, which is one of the largest business advisory and public accounting firms in Arkansas and Oklahoma. I lead teams that provide audit services to clients throughout Northwest Arkansas and I serve as an advisor, listening to my clients’ needs and connecting them to other resources. I also present training within the Firm and am responsible for an initiative that empowers teams to solve problems and find solutions for our clients.

Q: Why did you want to get involved with the Dean's Alumni Advisory Council?
A: I had such a wonderful experience during my time at the Walton College, in both my undergraduate and graduate studies. My favorite classes were those that brought alumni into the classroom to share their experiences and bring theory to life. When I heard about the opportunity to share my perspectives with College leadership, to stay connected to a place I love, and to play a role in helping future graduates — it was an easy yes!

Q: What does DAAC do?
A: I think of the council as a focus group who are on standby to help the College whenever needed. Oftentimes, we leverage our experiences and networks to connect students and faculty to opportunities. I always walk away from a meeting with a new idea to put into practice.

Q: What advice would you give to young alumni?
A: #1 - Stay connected! LinkedIn and social networking are great, but I really enjoy spending time with people in real-life. Keep in touch with your classmates and branch out to meet other alumni. The DAAC and the Arkansas Alumni Association provide great opportunities to attend events and build your network.
#2 – Keep learning, graduation is just the start. The business world is always changing and evolving. Find ways to learn about developments in your industry and in other industries: podcasts, articles, books, executive education, whatever method works for you!

Q: What’s a favorite memory you have from your time as a student?
A: That is impossible to narrow down. There are two main things that stick out directly related to the Walton College. First, I have great memories of my time as an officer in Beta Alpha Psi (guest speakers sharing insight into our future careers, traveling to conventions and the service projects). I also have fond memories of my master's of accounting class, working together in the graduate computer lab on a project for Dr. Pincus. It definitely bonded us as a team!

Grant ScholGrant Schol is a social media manager at the Sam M. Walton College of Business. As a multimedia storyteller who lives in the convergence of journalism, social media, and photography, Grant has a passion for inspiring change, no matter how big or how small, by showing that even the smallest dreams can take you to big places.

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