Faculty Spotlight: Anne Velliquette

Anne Velliquette
October 24 , 2022  |  By Grant Schol

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Anne Velliquette grew up outside of Springfield, MO and attended Missouri State University where she received an undergraduate degree in marketing. After college, she entered the sales and marketing field where she worked for a number of years before deciding to get her MBA, also at Missouri State. During this time, she worked as a graduate assistant in the Walmart Innovation Network, a pre-screen program that helps get products into Walmart stores. In that role, she led many workshops and discovered her love of teaching and helping small businesses succeed. It was these combined passions that led her to pursue a doctoral degree in marketing. She studied here at Walton College and received her doctorate in marketing. She then left Fayetteville to teach at the The University of Utah for four years. She has been teaching at Walton College since 2014.

She has taught several undergraduate-level marketing courses over the years as well as a course in the Executive MBA program. Currently, her passion is in teaching the undergrad Integrated Marketing Communication course. It is taught as a service-learning course that partners with a different group, organization, or small-business that is in need of marketing help.

One of Anne’s favorite parts of her job is seeing her students get excited about what they are learning and turn classroom concepts into real-world successes. “It always gets me pumped to know that what I’m teaching is usable and relevant,” Anne said. “I love being able to develop relationships with students and see them utilize what they are learning outside of the classroom.”

Anne also helped start and serves as the faculty advisor for Razorback Offering Accountability Resources (ROAR), a peer education group focused on educating the university community about safe drinking and looking out for one another through bystander intervention. She also serves as the director for Walton Honors at the University of Arkansas.

When asked what advice she would give to freshmen, she said this: “Freshmen have this big gap between who they think they are and who they think professors are. I would encourage them to remove that gap and see that professors are just people too, don’t be afraid to go up and talk to them, to ask questions”

She thinks all aspiring marketing and advertising professionals should be aware of emerging concepts like human-centered design, the metaverse, NFTs, brand storytelling, empathy for consumers, and the importance of customer insights.

Anne and her family enjoy hiking, skiing, and anything outdoors. You can find her out in nature on her time outside the classroom!

We are thankful to have Anne at Walton College!

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