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Orientation Section 1:
All Things Academic

In this section, Walton academic advisors will teach you about advising, the Walton curriculum, degrees and majors, and important policies. You will also see a sample fall semester schedule and hear more about the Freshman Business Connections cohort.

This is the heart and soul of your academic experience at Walton, so be sure to pay careful attention.

What is Academic Advising?

Learn what academic advising is, and is not, and the expectations for both students and advisors.

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Freshman Advising Syllabus

Degrees and Majors

Walton offers two degrees and multiple majors. Learn more about them in this short video.

The Walton Curriculum

Get a brief overview of all four years of the Walton curriculum and what it takes to graduate

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2021-2021 Academic Planning Guidebook

ISYS 1123 Information Sheet 2021

Pre-Business and Business Core Flowchart 2021

Your Fall Schedule

Explore the recommended first semester schedule for incoming freshmen.

The Walton Honors Curriculum

If you have been admitted to the Honors College and plan to join Walton Honors this fall, watch this video for information on honors requirements and your first semester.

Did You Know?

Understand academic policies related to advising including FERPA, academic integrity, and ACT 1014

7 Tips for Avoiding Freshman Pitfalls

Freshman year isn’t easy. These 7 simple tips from our Retention Team will help you start out on the path to success.

Walton Laptop Requirement

Starting in fall 2021, all incoming Walton students are required to have a personal laptop. Learn more about what we recommend in this brief video.

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Walton Virtual Orientation Slideshow

Technology FAQ 2021

Tips and Next Steps

Learn a little bit about UAConnect, removing holds on your account, using Blackboard and what you need to do next

Orientation Resources

General Orientation & Advising Information

Find out more about the whole UofA orientation experience including a virtual orientation agenda, Go Orientation modules, and links to important technology information. Click on Advising and Registration for FAQs regarding your advising experience.

Need to change your major?

Have you changed your mind about your major? Follow this link and see “How do I change my major before orientation?” in the FAQs for more information.

For Parents and Supporters

Join Dr. Jeff Hood for a presentation on supporting your student through the first semester. Hear more about the Walton curriculum as well as some important tips for guiding your student.

Registration Help

Need help navigating UAConnect? Watch these videos for instructions on enrolling, dropping or swapping a class.

Walton Orientation

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