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Orientation Section 2:
Walton Resources

Walton distinguishes itself by providing outstanding student support. From Walton Career Services to the Business Communication Lab and the Office of Diversity Inclusion, there is always someone here to help. Learn more about a few of the resources and opportunities available to you and meet some of your biggest supporters in the videos below.

Walton Career Services

Meet the staff of Walton Career Services and discover how they help students prepare to go from the classroom to the boardroom.

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Walton Career Services Website

Employer and Student Spotlights

View/Contact Career Services Staff

Business Communication Lab

Need help with a paper? Want tips on improving your public speaking? The Business Communication Lab can help!

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Business Communication Lab website

Examples and Resources

Office of Diversity & Inclusion

The staff of the Office of Diversity & Inclusion supports students, faculty, and staff in the pursuit of representation, integration, and equality among all individuals, recognizing the value that diverse backgrounds and perspectives bring to business.

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Diversity and Inlcusion website

Meet Our Staff

ISYS 1123 Business Application Knowledge

Find out more about ISYS 1123 and what will be covered in this important first semester course.

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ISYS 1123 Information Sheet 2021

S.A.K.E. ( is a small business run by students enrolled in Walton’s S.A.K.E. course. Watch to learn more about the Razorbox and get ready to go back to school in style.

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Forever Red website

Orientation Resources

General Orientation & Advising Information

Find out more about the whole UofA orientation experience including a virtual orientation agenda, Go Orientation modules, and links to important technology information. Click on Advising and Registration for FAQs regarding your advising experience.

Need to change your major?

Have you changed your mind about your major? Follow this link and see “How do I change my major before orientation?” in the FAQs for more information.

For Parents and Supporters

Join Dr. Jeff Hood for a presentation on supporting your student through the first semester. Hear more about the Walton curriculum as well as some important tips for guiding your student.

Registration Help

Need help navigating UAConnect? Watch these videos for instructions on enrolling, dropping or swapping a class.

Walton Orientation

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