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Orientation Section 3:
Registration How-To's

One of the most important parts of New Student Orientation is registration for classes. While Walton students are pre-enrolled in the majority of the courses that they will need in their first semester, most students will need to add one or two classes, and many may need to make adjustments to their schedules. This section provides some brief how-to videos for using UAConnect, the University of Arkansas student information system. Help with additional topics can be found in the UAConnect Knowledge Centers.

Your UAConnect Student Homepage

Review the tiles on your UAConnect Student Homepage.

Referenced in This Video:

Student Homepage Detail

Adding A Class

Learn how to add classes to your schedule.

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UAConnect: Enroll in a Class

Dropping and Swapping Classes

Review the Drop and Swap functions to remove or change the classes on your schedule.

Referenced in This Video:

UAConnect: Drop a Class

UA Connect: Swap a Class

Schedule Planner

Use the Schedule Planner tool to view options andcreate your schedule.

Orientation Resources

General Orientation & Advising Information

Find out more about the whole UofA orientation experience including a virtual orientation agenda, Go Orientation modules, and links to important technology information. Click on Advising and Registration for FAQs regarding your advising experience.

Need to change your major?

Have you changed your mind about your major? Follow this link and see “How do I change my major before orientation?” in the FAQs for more information.

For Parents and Supporters

Join Dr. Jeff Hood for a presentation on supporting your student through the first semester. Hear more about the Walton curriculum as well as some important tips for guiding your student.

Registration Help

Need help navigating UAConnect? Watch these videos for instructions on enrolling, dropping or swapping a class.

Walton Orientation

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