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This webpage contains all the resources you need to succeed on your business brief assignment. This page contains the assignment prompt, the rubric, a model brief, and a recorded video on business communication best practices that also introduces the business brief assignment. You can also watch this short video on how to make appointments with us and use our services. Although your instructors will likey play these videos in class this week, we wanted to provide them to you as a resource as you write.

Info Sessions:

All sessions have been completed. We have uploaded a recording (Access Passcode: #0b6%CPS) of one of our info sessions for those of you whose schedules did not allow them to attend.

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The Assignment:

You were recently hired as a business analyst by Hancock Carnall Morgan (HCM). HCM is a Northwest Arkansas workforce development and management consulting firm with expertise in diversity and inclusion. This summer, HCM was hired by an education nonprofit, LOAM with operations in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri. LOAM works to improve educational outcomes and access for underprivileged students in rural communities. While LOAM has a very diverse client base and relatively diverse staff, its leadership at the executive levels does not reflect this diversity. While it has had diverse board members in the past, retention has always been a problem.
LOAM has hired HCM to address these recruitment and retention challenges. Your job is to conduct research on best practices, what other organizations have done, and what recent scholarly writing has to say about the matter.
Task: write a business brief that provides two recommendations for LOAM that addresses their recruitment and retention challenges. Based on the research you conduct (see “Sources” below), write a two-page, single-spaced business brief. The questions below will help guide your research and writing:
·       What does recent scholarly writing have to say about recruitment and retention of diverse board members?
·       What steps should LOAM take to address their challenges? What makes this plan most suitable for this organization? Why should LOAM prefer this plan to some other?
Note: you must cite 4 different articles/sources in APA on your references page. The references page won’t count towards the 2-page requirement. When citing sources, use parenthetical citations (Publication Manual of the APA §6.11-21), not footnotes. All of the sources provided below are in APA format. Please write in complete sentences and in clean, polished prose with very few/no grammatical errors. Please write in paragraph form (preferably in 10-12 point font and 1” margins; do not provide your recommendations in a bulleted/numbered list.
Students must submit the business brief as either a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file type to Blackboard by 11.59pm on October 9th. Other file types cannot be graded and will receive an automatic “0” grade for the assignment. No late work will be accepted.

Sources/research for your brief:

The links below will work best when logging in on campus or by first logging in to the Mullins Library website and then clicking the link. You can also find many of them on Google Scholar. You will likely not be able to write a passing assignment if you do not read several of the resources below. Please remove hyperlinks in your references page:

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There are also many other high-quality sources out there for you to review. Be sure to review our guide to testing if a source you located is of high quality