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We are updating this site throughout Summer 2017 as files become available. Please check back in August 2017 for complete information on the 2017-2018 FBC assignment.


This assignment prompt outlines the purpose and parameters of the assignment and includes embedded links to the online media you will need to write your business brief. It also links to additional articles and an assortment of different organizations' retention policies that will help you formulate your recommendation. Click this link to view the rubric explaining the five major criteria used to evaluate your business brief.

We have also provided a functional model that you can use while drafting and revising your business brief. Click here to access that model.

When you click on the assignment prompt and rubric links, you may need to give your browser permission to open the .pdf.


Article Links

All article links will be made available by August 2017.

Rizy, C., Feil, S., Sniderman, B., & Egan, M.E. (2011). Fostering Diversity through a Diverse Workforce. New York, NY: Forbes|Insights. Retrieved from


Company Links

The list below contains URLs to various companies' diversity and retention initiatives - just cut and paste the link into your web browser. In addition to the companies listed below, we recommend you consult recent initiatives undertaken by Chevron, Cisco, General Electric, Kellogg's, Whirlpool, Wal-Mart, and the Walt Disney Company. The links below all follow APA guidelines - all you will need to do is copy and paste them to your References page; be sure change the retrieval date to the date you actually visited the site. You should use the retrieval date for these online sources since the information on these pages (unlike the HBR articles or the Forbes report) may change without notice.

Apple. (2017). Inclusion & Diversity. Retrieved June 21, 2017, from

AT&T. (2017). AT&T Diversity & Inclusion Home / Our People.  Retrieved June 21, 2017, from 

Citigroup, Inc. (2017). Citi Diversity. Retrieved June 21, 2017, from

The Coca-Cola Company. (2017). Diversity Councils and Business Resource Groups. Retrieved June 21, 2017, from

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. (2017, February 3). 2017 Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan. Retrieved June 21, 2017, from

Ford Motor Company. (2015). Diversity and Inclusion. Retrieved June 21, 2017, from

IBM. (n.d.) IBM Diversity and Inclusion. Retrieved June 21, 2017 from

Kimberly-Clark Corporation. (2017). Diversity and Inclusion. Retrieved June 21, 2017, from

Microsoft Corporation. (2017). Global Diversity and Inclusion. Retrieved June 21, 2017, from

Starbucks Corporation. (2017). Inclusion at Starbucks. Retrieved June 21, 2017, from

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company. (2017). Workplace Diversity and Inclusion. Retrieved June 21, 2017, from


APA Citation Handout & Preformatted List

This handout explains what sorts of information must be cited if you include it in your business brief. This format guide will show you how to parenthetically cite sources and how to cite them for your "References" page. 

In addition, all resources posted above in the "Article Links" section  have been cited in the APA citation style. All you need to do is copy and paste these citations into your References page.

Business Writing Overview

This presentation provides you with the basics of business communication and how it differs from other types of communication, including academic writing.