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This assignment prompt outlines the purpose and parameters of the assignment and includes embedded links to the online media you will need to write your business brief. It also links to additional articles and an assortment of different organizations' teamwork/team formation/collaboration policies and practices that will help you formulate your recommendation. Click this link to view the rubric explaining the five major criteria used to evaluate your business brief.

We have also provided a functional model that you can use while drafting and revising your business brief. Click here to access that model.

When you click on the assignment prompt and rubric links, you may need to give your browser permission to open the .pdf.

Please note that the brief will be due on Friday, October 12th, at 11:59PM. All submissions must be made through Blackboard; no late work will be accepted or extensions provided.


Article Links

While we encourage you to conduct your own research using the library reference tools provided above, the articles and company websites below will provide sufficient information for you to complete your project. Several of these articles provide company-specific examples whereas others provide more general information. Please note that for the Gratton and Erickson article you will need to log in to the library and click "Get Full Text" to access this article:

Cross, R., Rebele, R., & Grant, A. (2016). Collaborative Overload. Harvard Business Review, 94(1), 74-79.

Druskat, V. & Wolff, S. (2001). Building the Emotional Intelligence of Groups. Harvard Business Review, 79(3), 80-90.

Duhigg, C. (2016, February 25). What Google Learned from Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team. New York Times. Retrieved from ProQuest Central database.

Gratton, L. & Erickson, T. (2007). Eight Ways to Build Collaborative Teams. Harvard Business Review, 85(11), 101-109. Retrieved from ProQuest Central database.

Haas, M. & Mortensen, M. (2016). The Secrets of Great Teamwork. Harvard Business Review, 94(6), 70-76.

Hu-Chan, Maya. (2017, November 15). Is Your Company's Teamwork Out of Whack? Listen to Alan Mullaly. Retrieved from

Rizy, C., Feil, S., Sniderman, B., & Egan, M.E. (2011). Fostering Innovation through a Diverse Workforce. New York, NY: Forbes|Insights. Retrieved from

Rock, D. & Halvorson, H. G. (2016, November 4). Why Diverse Teams are Smarter. Retrieved from Business Source Complete database.

Schaubroeck, R.,Tarczewski, F., & Theunissen, R. (2016). Making collaboration across functions a reality. McKinsey Quarterly, 2, 106-112. Retrieved from Business Source Complete database.

Umoh, R. (2017, August 16). Why IBM sends its best employees abroad for four weeks. CNBC. Retrieved from

Woolley, A., Malone, T., & Chabris, C. (2015, January 16). Why Some Teams are Smarter than Others. New York Times. Retrieved from ProQuest Central database.

Also recommended is the March-April 2017 issue of the Harvard Business Review, which discusses the "new science of team chemistry" at length. You can access this issue through the library's Business Source Complete database.


Company Links

The list below contains URLs to various companies' collaboration initatives, policies, or internal studies - just copy and paste the link into your web browser. In addition to the companies listed below, we recommend you consult recent initiatives undertaken by Apple, General Electric, Procter & Gamble, Walmart, and Xerox. The links below all follow APA guidelines - all you will need to do is copy and paste them to your References page; be sure to change the retrieval date to the date you actually visited the site. With the exception of the YouTube clip, you should use the retrieval date for these online sources since the information on these pages (unlike the articles given above) may change without notice.


Credit Suisse. (2018). At Work. Retrieved July 9, 2018, from

Disney Institute. (2016, June 15). On Leadership: Creating a Culture of Care [Video file]. Retrieved from This blog post might also be of use.

Google. (2018). re:Work Guide: Understanding Team Effectiveness. Retrieved July 9, 2018, from

IBM. (2018). IBM Corporate Service Corps. Retrieved July 9, 2018, from

Marriott. (2018). The Marriott Management Philosophy: A living tradition of values and beliefs. Retrieved July 9, 2018, from


APA Citation Handout & Pre-formatted List

This handout explains what sorts of information must be cited if you include it in your business brief. This format guide will show you how to parenthetically cite sources and how to cite them for your "References" page. 

In addition, all resources posted above in the "Article Links" and "Company Links" sections have been cited in the APA citation style. All you need to do is copy and paste these citations into your References page.

Business Writing Overview

You can access the presentation that introduced the business brief assignment by clicking this link. If you missed the presentation for some reason or just want to revisit some of the points it made, click here.