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We are updating this site throughout Summer 2017 as files become available. Please check back in August 2017 for complete information on the 2017-2018 FBC assignment.


This assignment prompt outlines the purpose and parameters of the assignment and includes embedded links to the online media you will need to write your business brief. It also links to additional articles and an assortment of different organizations' retention policies that will help you formulate your recommendation. Click this link to view the rubric explaining the four major criteria used to evaluate your business brief.

When you click on the assignment prompt and rubric links, you may need to give your browser permission to open the .pdf.


Article Links

Article links will be made available by August 2017.


APA Citation Handout & Preformatted List

This handout explains what sorts of information must be cited if you include it in your business brief. For this assignment, you do not need a References page. Instead, you will cite using footnotes; on when and what to cite, download the "WHEN TO CITE" GUIDE (PDF).

In addition, all resources associated with this assignment have been cited in the APA citation style, so all you need to do is to paste these citations into your footnotes: FBC PREFORMATTED CITATIONS (PDF)

Business Writing Overview

Overview of effective business writing will be made available by August 2017.