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Cole is from Kouts, IN. Currently pursuing an MFA in the fiction track, this philomath worked as a writing consultant, a construction worker, a hazardous materials handler, and a farmer before moving to Arkansas. In his free time, he writes short stories about industrial agriculture and small towns, hikes with his dog, and watches too many movies.

Breanna Bio

Breanna is from Springdale, Arkansas, pursuing an MA in Communication after completing her undergraduate studies at the university in communication, journalism, and German. Breanna teaches Public Speaking, and her research focuses on the motives for and consequences of deception in romantic dating relationships. Off campus, she is an avid reader, a morning coffee and afternoon nap enthusiast, and enjoys long walks on the Razorback Greenway with her dog, Lucy Jane.


Jared is from Little Rock, Arkansas, majoring in finance with a real estate concentration. Jared plans to go to law school upon achieving a BS in Finance with hopes to receive his JD and practice law. In Jared's free time, he likes to work out, play basketball, and enjoy time with friends and family. Fun fact about Jared, he has accumulated over 400 volunteer hours at the museum of discovery where he was a camp counselor. He values the time he spent there as a camp counselor and mentor for the children.

Angela Photo

Angela is from Bogota, Colombia, and is a doctoral student in the Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies program. She has taught semiotics, gender studies, and literature for the past 15 years and is also a Spanish instructor. In addition, she is interested in agency and representation in Latin American films. Her Colombian dog is Lucio Proletariat, and her American dog is Maximiliano I, Prince of The Ozarks.

Colleen Bio

Colleen is a translator from a couple of different places: Georgia, Arkansas, and Missouri. She is pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing and translation, translating texts from Spanish into English, and writing original fiction. She has worked in various capacities in education as a substitute teacher, paraprofessional, private tutor, and teaching assistant. One of her weirdest skills is the ability to have a riveting conversation with any cat.

Kolten Bio

Kolten is from Oklahoma City, OK, and is currently pursuing a MA in Communication. His current research interests center around LGBTQIA+ resilience mechanisms within media communities. After graduate school, Kolten plans to work in community engagement and development within the nonprofit sector. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, going to concerts, discussing pop-culture, and making yummy cocktails for his friends.

Picture of Jackson

Jackson is from Marion, Arkansas. He is currently pursuing a BSBA in both Marketing and Supply Chain Management with minors in Enterprise Resource Planning and Psychology. Post-Graduation, Jackson hopes to work in Supply Chain Procurement and Sourcing, working to improve supplier relationship management practices. In his free time, he loves to thrift, shop, work out, meet new people, and hang out with friends and family. A fun fact about Jackson is he transferred colleges from Mississippi State.


Picture 3

Joaquín is originally from La Paz, Bolivia. He is an MFA candidate in creative writing and translation— his focus being literary translation. He specializes in contemporary Bolivian literature. Even though he misses living in the Andes, the hills in Northwest Arkansas have served as a welcoming home for the past six years. In his spare time, Joaquín enjoys playing video games, watching tv, and playing with his cats, Nina and Lilo.


Emily Photo 2

Emily is a sophomore from Overland Park, Kansas. She is double majoring in Marketing and Management and is minoring in Supply Chain Management. She is currently on track to attend graduate school post-grad to obtain her master's degree in Marketing. In her spare time, she loves spending time with friends and family. She also loves reading, shopping, watching movies, and spending time outdoors.

Nicole Headshot

Nicole is a freshman from Olathe, Kansas, pursuing a major in Marketing and a minor in Music. In her spare time, Nicole loves playing cello with the University Symphony, journaling, playing board games with her friends, and showing people pictures of her dog.

Kendall Headshot

Kendall is a sophomore from Bentonville, Arkansas. He is currently pursuing a BSBA in Marketing, and a minor in Strategy, Entrepreneurship, and Venture Innovation. Post-graduation, Kendall is on track to attend graduate school to acquire his master’s degree in Marketing. Kendall has hopes to one day get a Sports Marketing job in the NBA. In Kendall’s spare time, he enjoys working out, playing basketball, reading, and spending time with friends and family. A fun fact about Kendall is that he is also involved at the McMillon Innovation Studio here at the University of Arkansas.

Sophia Headshot

Sophia is from Mokena, Illinois, majoring in International Business Major and minoring in political science. She plans to work for a supply chain company or a non-profit, attend law school, and eventually become a mayor or governor. In her free time, she likes to explore towns, play piano, golf, watch basketball, thrift, and bake desserts. A fun fact is that she is taking Chinese and practicing Spanish.

Brooke Headshot

Brooke is a freshman from Carbondale, Illinois. She is currently pursuing a major in accounting and a minor in Mathematics. Brooke hopes to one day use her skills working for a nonprofit, specifically assisting those with intellectual disabilities. In her spare time, she loves to read, hang out with friends, and get slightly too competitive while playing board games and sports.