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CSCMP Supply Chain Hall of Fame Expands its Service to the Supply Chain Profession: Exhibit Highlights

CSCMP Supply Chain Hall of Fame Highlights
September 19, 2022  |  By Remko Van Hoek

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In the past several months the CSCMP Supply Chain Hall of Fame has been busy and looks to be set for even busier times both in terms of exhibits and meetings and events.

Exhibit Highlights

Having hosted and exhibit devoted to Hall of Famer Henry Ford (see the related publication developed about the exhibit and the videos on this website) new exhibits were devoted to CSCMP Distinguished Service Award winners Martin Christopher from the UK and Abre Pienaar from South Africa.

Prof. Christopher from the Cranfield School of Management partnered with other founding fathers of the discipline to create educational offerings and academic research and thought leadership. He was founding editor of the longest standing international academic journal in logistics and supply chain management. The exhibit drew lessons for the future of supply chain thought leadership and research including the need to research at the frontier of practice, engage managers in the research and publishing process to ensure relevance and a close collaboration with industry as innovation happens. The exhibit provided the basis for a 50th anniversary issue publication of the journal.
Abre Pienaar from South Africa was one of the first international CSCMP Board of Director members and one of only two twin generation board members; his daughter followed in his footsteps, just like the son of Prof. Bowersox did. Abre founded IPlan that helps implement supply chain technologies in Africa and around the world. Abre exemplifyied that technology can help connect remote parts of the world to the global supply chain for the good of economic progress and supply chain innovation. Abre also taught a few lessons about change in supply chains along the way, including the need to balance technology, process and people, with people typically deserving the greatest focus. As a final reflection on the speed of supply chain technological change, Adri Pienaar when she came to help open the exhibit shared that her father build a business on technologies that did not exist when he graduated from university.
Speaking of graduates, the wall with student aspirations for the future of supply chain remains an inspiration for managers visiting the hall of fame. Both as an indication of the talent coming out of the Walton College of Business program and into their organizations, and as a beacon of hope for how bright the future of supply chain is. This part of the exhibit will continue to be updated from semester to semester and the new installment towards the end of the year will be reported on here as well.

Matt WallerRemko Van Hoek, Ph.D., is a professor of practice in the Department of Supply Chain Management at the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas, specializing in sourcing and procurement. He also advises companies on procurement strategy and implementation. Prior to joining Walton, Remko served as CPO of several companies in Europe and the United States, including the Walt Disney Company. He also has worked for PwC and Nike.

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