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The Business of Outdoor Recreation: Earn a Micro-Certificate

Two bikers hit the trail.

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Love biking, camping, fishing, climbing or hiking? Earn an Outdoor Products and Services Micro-Certificate to gain an understanding of the business side of outdoor recreation.
“The new micro-certificate launches students into the outdoor industry to pursue livelihoods based on their values by equipping them with knowledge about the economics of varying sectors such as biking, running, hunting, fishing, climbing, watersports, etc., foundational business skills and experiences needed to be successful,” said Scott Borden, assistant professor in the Department of Strategy, Entrepreneurship & Venture Innovation at the Sam M. Walton College of Business.
The program consists of nine credit hours, is open to students from all disciplines and no prerequisites are required. It includes Introduction to the Outdoor Recreation Industries (SEVI 2073) and at least two electives. The introductory class, required for the certificate, highlights the economic, cultural, health, infrastructure, diversity and ethical aspects of the products and services outdoor industries.
Students will select two electives, totaling six credit hours, that encompass international and/or American outdoor industries, including Study Aboard-Outdoor Industries in Europe (WCOB 330V/H), Outdoor Industry Capstone Experience (SEVI 4703), Outdoor Industry Product Innovation Studio (SEVI 4713) or Internship-Outdoor Industries (WCOB 310V), which requires approval from the program director.
For students interested in delving into a more detailed aspect of the outdoor recreation industry, additional classes are available. These classes require the program director’s consent and/or may have pre-requisites. The classes include Social Entrepreneurship (SEVI 3673) and New Venture Development (SEVI 3933).
Visit Outdoor Products and Services Micro-Certificate to learn more about class descriptions. Sign up during your regular class registration.

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