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Both a social science and a business field, it can be argued that economics has evolved from a "discipline" to an "approach" used to study behavior with regards to the use of scarce resources.

Academic Programs

The Department of Economics offers undergraduate programs in both the the Sam M. Walton College of Business and Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences. Students completing these programs graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (Business Economics), a Bachelor of Science in International Business or a Bachelor of Arts (Economics Major). We also offer both a Master of Arts (M.A.) and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree in economics.



Economics Undergraduate Programs
Bachelor’s Degrees

The study of economics can prepare you for an increasingly knowledge-based and interdependent global economy of the twenty-first century.

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Economics Graduate Programs
Master's Degree and Ph.D Program

Our graduate programs are designed to provide advanced training for those who want to pursue careers in economics.

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Economics as a Career


Advice and Resources from the American Economic Association

MS in Economic Analytics at the University of Arkansas

Interested in a PhD in Economics?

To be a competitive applicant at a top ranked PhD program in Economics you should acquire a strong quantitative background. The following are some recommended courses:


  • Calculus 1-3 (MATH 2554, 2564, 2574)
  • Linear Algebra (MATH 3083)
  • Statistics or Probability or Econometrics (ECON 4743 and/or ECON 4753)

Needed for Higher-ranked Programs

  • Introductory Analysis (MATH 3513 Elementary Analysis)
  • Probability Theory (STAT 3013 or, preferably 5103)
  • Differential Equations (MATH 2584)


  • Advanced Calculus (MATH 4513)
  • Statistical Methods (STAT 4003)
  • Machine Learning Applications and Python/R tools (ECON 4753)
  • Graduate Microeconomics (ECON 6213)
  • Programming Foundations, Computer Science (CSCE 2004)

Research and Outreach

The Department of Economics continues to evolve along with our field. Faculty and students are involved in research that expands the frontiers of economics.

Behavioral Business Research Lab

The Walton Research Laboratory in the Center for Academic Excellence is an interdisciplinary resource for studying human behavior and decision making.

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Center for Business and Economic Research

The center supports economic development by providing economic and demographic data and analysis to business, government, and individuals.

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