Seminar Series: Department of Economics

Unless otherwise indicated, all seminars take place from 3 p.m. to 4:15 p.m in WJWH 427. 

Fall 2022

  Speaker Affiliation   Title Notes
September 16       Arya Gaduh Arkansas       Enhancing Social Accountability with Performance Pay: Evidence from Remote Schools in Indonesia  
September 23   Andrew Liu Arkansas   Labor Market Power and Worker Turnover  
October 7   Bo Chen SMU   Everybody's Talkin' at Me: Levels of Majority Language Acquisition by Minority Language Speakers  
October 28   Toshihiko Mukoyama Georgetown   Firm Growth through New Establishments  
November 4   Andrea Civelli Arkansas   Worth the Risk? The Performance of Banks Reliant on CLO Funding  
December 2   Xiaoyue Shan UPenn   The Minority Trap: Minority Status Drives Women Out of Male-Dominated Fields  


Spring 2023

Date Speaker Affiliation   Title Notes
February 10 Andrew Liu Arkansas   Unconventional Monetary Policy and Labor Demand  
February 23 Sarah Bermeo Duke   Climate Change, Migration, and Development PLSC & INST
March 3 Daniela Puzzello Indiana   Is Money Essential?  An Experimental Approach  
March 10 James Konow Loyola Marymount   Moral Salience and Conditional Altruism: Reconciling Jekyll and Hyde Paradoxes  
March 17 Johanna Mollerstrom George Mason   Gender Quotas and Support for Women in Board
March 31 Lindsay Dolan Wesleyan   Conditionality and the Composition of the World Bank Staff PLSC & INST
April 7 Melanie Khamis Wesleyan   What happens When Men Don’t Migrate? Partnership and Fertility in a Migrant Sending Country  
April 14 Isabelle Cohen U. Washington   Technology and the State: Building Tax Capacity via Text  
April 21 Devin Pope Chicago   Incentives, Motivation, and Vaccination Decisions  
April 28 Tingting Ding SUFE   Waiting for the Right Offer: Laboratory Evidence on How News Affects Bargaining and the Market for Lemons  
Notes: PLSC & INST is joint with the Department of Political Science and International and Global Studies Program.  These seminars will take place on Thursday from 3:30-5:00 PM.

Previous Seminar Series

Spring 2022

Date Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title Notes
February 18  John List U. Chicago The Voltage Effect

Zoom, 1:30-3:00

February 25 Josh McGee Arkansas Introduction to the State of Arkansas Data and Analytics Team (ARData) and Discussion of Potential Areas for Research Collaboration  
March 4 William Ridley UIUC Determinants of Policy Responses in the US-China Tit-for-Tat Trade War  
March 11 David Wiczer Stony Brook Cyclical Earnings, Careers and Employment Transitions  
March 18 Grace Arnold Portland State The Impact of Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers Laws on Abortions and Births  
April 1 Rebecca Thornton UIUC Learning More about Teachers: Estimating Teacher Value-Added and Treatment Effects on Teacher Value-Added in Northern Uganda  
April 8 Difei Geng Arkansas Tariff Liberalization and the Welfare Effect of National Treatment in Product Standards  
April 15 Arman Rezaee UC Davis The Viral Spread of COVID-19 Information: A social media experiment in Pakistan  
April 22 Xiaodong Liu CU Boulder A Structural Network Formation Model and Its Application in R&D Networks  
April 29 Yan Chen Michigan Virtual Teams in a Gig Economy  
NOTES: SC - Joint with Supply Chain, 2Y - second year paper presentation, JM - job market talk, P - professional seminar.

Fall 2021

Date Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title Notes
September 17 Juan Carrillo Southern California Dynamic coordination in efficient and fair strategies: a developmental perspective Zoom
October 8 Ahmad Shah Mobariz Arkansas Foreign Military Withdrawal, Male Migration, and Female Education  JM
October 15 Logan Miller Arkansas Joint vs. Individual Performance in a Dynamic Choice Problem JM
October 22 Lichen Zhang U. of Hong Kong Intangibles, Concentration, and the Labor Share  
October 29 Matt Knepper U. of Georgia Why is Workplace Sexual Harassment Underreported? The Value of Outside Options Amid the Threat of Retaliation Zoom
November 12 Irina Panovska UT Dallas Jobless Recoveries and Time Variation in Labor Markets  
November 19 Brian Owensby UVA New World of Gain: Europeans, Guaraní, and the Global Origins of Modern Economy H/E
December 3 Simin He SHUFE Real-time Monitoring in a Public-Goods Game Zoom; 10 AM
NOTES: H/E- Joint with History and English, 2Y - second year paper presentation, JM - job market talk, P - professional seminar, Zoom - remote seminar.

 Spring 2021

 Date Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title Notes
January 22 Andrew Liu Arkansas The large volatility and the slow recovery of the job-finding rate  
 February 12 Jiabin Wu University of Oregon Decentralized Matching with Transfers: Noncooperative and Experimental Analyses  
February 26 Remy Levin University of Connecticut Risk-Taking Adaptation to Macroeconomic Experiences: Theory and Evidence from Developing Countries  
March 5 Andy Brownback Arkansas Inference from biased polls  
April 9 John Duffy UC Irvine Rational Inattention in a Repeated Prisoner's Dilemma Experiment  
April 16 Hyunseok Jung Arkansas Test for network structure  
NOTES: SC - Joint with Supply Chain, 2Y - second year paper presentation, JM - job market talk, P - professional seminar.

 Fall 2020

 Date Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title Notes
 September 11  Don Koh  Arkansas Working in the Distance: Productivity Dispersion and Labor Reallocation  
 September 18  Jessica White  Arkansas Choice Overload and Charitable Giving: Can There Be Too Much of a Good Thing?  JM
 September 25  Sadek Yousuf  Arkansas  Exploring  dynamics between conflict density, foreign aid allocation and economic growth in Africa using a Spatial VAR approach with spatially correlated disturbances  JM
 October 2  Braxton Gately  Arkansas Well, at Least I Tried: Partial Willful Ignorance, Information Acquisition, and Social Preferences  JM
October 23 Hanchen Jiang  University of North Texas Gender Bias and Intergenerational Educational Mobility  
October 30 Andy Brownback  Arkansas Behavioral Food Subsidies  
November 13 Stephen Leider  University of Michigan Dynamic Decision Making in Operations Management  
December 4 David Dickinson  Appalachian State University Unethical decision making and sleep restriction: Experimental evidence  

Spring 2020

Date & Location Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title Notes
February 28 Sergey Nigai CU Boulder Highways and Globalization: The Role of Domestic Trade Costs in Regional Development  
March 6 Sutanuka Roy Australian Natl U. & U. Chicago British Colonial Legal Gender Laws and Gender Gap in Human Capital Investment: Evidence from the Child Marriage Abolition Act of 1929  
March 18 Bill Greene NYU Zombie Econometrics: The Linear Probability Model  POSTPONED
April 3 Ragan Petrie Texas A&M TBA  POSTPONED
April 17 Xiaodong Liu CU Boulder

A structural model for the co-evolution of networks and behavior

April 24  Yan Chen Michigan TBA  POSTPONED

Fall 2019

Date & Location Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title Notes
September 6 Ryan Oprea UC Santa Barbara What is Complex?  
September 13 Nathaniel Burke Arkansas Willingness to Pay for Reindeer Meat: A Niche Market Adaptive Choice Experiment 2Y
September 20 Ahmad Mobariz Arkansas Towards reducing the inequality in higher education: Impact evaluation of an MP education program in Afghanistan 2Y
September 27 Elena Katok  UT Dallas Supplier Competition and Cost-Saving Incentives  SC
October 4  Subhayu Bandyopadhyay St. Louis Fed Offshoring and Trade Taxes  
October 18 James Willbanks Arkansas Not It! Reverse Framing the Volunteer’s Dilemma 2Y
October 25  Melanie Khamis Wesleyan University Declining Outmigration and Local Labor Markets  
November 1 Logan Miller Arkansas Market Completeness by Income Group 2Y
November 8 Josue Cox NYU The Construction of Crises: Time-To-Build and Financial Frictions in Real Estate  
November 15 Kirby Nielsen Stanford/CalTech Are Axioms Normative?  
December 6 Dunpei Gan Arkansas Fiscal Policy at the Lower Bound with Labor Search and Matching Frictions  

Spring 2018

Date & Location Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title
Wed Jan 31, 4:00 - 5:30, RCED 202 Hyunseok Jung Syracuse University Adaptive LASSO for Stochastic Frontier Models with Many Efficient Firms
Monday Feb 5th,  4:00PM, RCED 202 Hao Teng  University of Rochester Social Networks and Consumer Behavior: Evidence from Yelp
Thursday Feb 8th, 12:30PM,  RCED 202 Nicolas Bottan University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Choosing Your Pond: Location Choices and Relative Income

Mar. 30, 2018**

11:30-1:00PM, WJWH 427

Joseph P. Price Brigham Young University The Contribution of the School Environment to the Overall Food Environment Experienced by Children
April 6, 2018 Ellen Fitzpatrick University of Arkansas

Evaluating the Asset Transfer Model in Facilitating Sustainable Livelihoods in Rural Malawi

 April 13, 2018 Andrew Balthrop University of Arkansas  Gibrat's Law in the Trucking Industry

Fall 2017

Date & Location Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title
Aug. 25, 2017 Ron Harstad University of Missouri Efficiency Measurement via Revealed Thresholds, Without Knowing Valuations
Sep. 8, 2017 Arlo Redwine University of Arkansas Bribery and Tacit Collusion in Experimental Procurement Auctions
Sep. 22, 2017** Di Fang University of Arkansas Influence of neighborhood and school peers on BMI of elementary schoolchildren
Sep. 29, 2017** Bong Kyun Kim University of Arkansas Move more, Gain less: Effect of a Recreational Trail System on Childhood Body Mass Index.
Oct. 13, 2017** Aaron Novotny University of Arkansas Effect of WIC Participation on Relative Quality of Household Food Purchases
Oct. 27, 2017** Arya Gaduh University of Arkansas Unity in Diversity? Ethnicity, Migration, and Nation Building in Indonesia
Dec. 1, 2017** Andrea Civelli University of Arkansas Business loans and the transmission of monetary policy


Date & Location Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title
Jan. 20, 2017 Jungmin Lee Seoul National University The Deficiency of Competitiveness: Did Socialism Fail to Foster It?
Feb. 3, 2017 Don Koh University of Arkansas Consumption and Expenditure in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Role of Self-Farming over the Lifecycle
Feb. 10, 2017 Michael Kuhn University of Oregon Mapping Food Expenditure Cycles to Missed Meals: The Importance of Being in School
Feb. 17, 2017**(AGRI301A 12-1pm) David Ortega Michigan State University TBA
Mar. 10, 2017 Keith Maskus US Department of State and University of Colorado Boulder Intellectual Property-Related Preferential Trade Agreements and the Composition of Trade
April 7, 2017 Kamal Saggi Vanderbilt University TBA
April 14, 2017 Douyoung Lee University of Arkansas Financial Variables' Predictive Content for the U.S. Economy during the Great Recession
April. 21, 2017** Stephen Devadoss Texas Tech University TBA
April. 28, 2017 (3:30pm-5pm) CHEW, Soo Hong National University of Singapore Haze and Decision Making: A Natural Laboratory Experiment

Fall 2016

Date & Location Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title
Oct. 14, 2016*(BBRL Brown Bag Lunch seminar) Enno Siemsen University of Wisconsin-Madison TBA
Oct. 21, 2016 (4-5pm) Andrew Brownback University of Arkansas The Elicitation of Willingness to Pay for Stigmatized Goods
Oct. 28, 2016** Yan Yuan Southwest University of Finance and Economics Interlinkage between Farmland Rental and Credit Markets in China
Nov. 4, 2016 Mark DeSantis Chapman University When the Market Cannot Do it All: Informational Efficiency & Information Dispersion
Nov. 11, 2016 Amy Farmer University of Arkansas Costly Voluntary Disclosure with Negative Expected Value Suits
Dec. 2, 2016**(AGRI-301A, 12-1pm) Trey Malone Oklahoma State University The Excessive Choice Effect Meets the Market: Experiments on Craft Beer Choice
Dec. 2, 2016 Klajdi Bregu University of Arkansas Overconfidence and (Over)Trading: The Effect of Feedback on Trading Behavior
    **Joint AEAB and ECON seminar

Spring 2016

Date & Location Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title
Jan. 19, 3:30-5pm, WJWH427 Russell Hillberry World Bank A COASIAN MODEL OF INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTION CHAINS
Jan. 21, 3:30-5pm, WJWH427 Mengxiao (Michelle) Liu University of Toronto Global Supply Chains without Principals
Jan. 22, 3:30-5pm, WJWH427 Ibrahim Gunay University of Michigan Local Welfare Impact of Trade Liberalization Trans-Pacific Partnership and U.S. States
Jan. 25, 3:30-5pm, RCED202 Obie C. Porteous UC Berkeley High Trade Costs and Their Consequences: An Estimated Dynamic Model of African Agricultural Storage and Trade
Feb. 5, 2016 Samuel Bazzi Boston University Local Government Proliferation, Diversity, and Conflict
Feb. 29, 2016 Difei Geng Vanderbilt University International Agreements on Product Standards under Consumption Externalities: National Treatment versus Mutual Recognition
March 4, 2016 Bill Dupor St. Louis Fed Local and Aggregate Fiscal Policy Multipliers
March 11, 2016 Jaya Jha Colby College U.S. Agricultural Export Competitiveness and Export Market Diversification
April 8, 2016 Muhammad Saifur Rahman University of Arkansas Understanding the Effect of State Level Public Debt on State Level Growth: An Empirical Study
April 22, 2016 Yu Zheng City University of Hong Kong The Price of Growth:Consumption Insurance in China 1989-2009
April 29, 2016 Ari Van Assche HEC Montréal Functional Upgrading in China's Export Processing Sector

Fall 2015

Date & Location Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title
Sep. 25 Saad Ahmad University of Arkansas Globalization and Inflation: A Threshold and Dynamic Panel Investigation
Oct. 2* Tim Richards Arizona State University Retail Market Power in a Shopping-Basket model of Supermarket Competition
Oct. 23 Subhayu Bandyopadhyay St. Louis Fed Does Terrorism Reduce International Trade?
Dec. 4** Scott Rozelle Stanford University Identifying the Source of Human Capital Inequality in China: Why China Needs a New 50 Million Child Policy

* Joint AgEcon & Econ seminar, 9:30-10:30am AGRI0301A.

** Joint AgEcon & Econ seminar.

Spring 2015

Date & Location Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title
Feb. 13, 2015 Don Koh University of Arkansas Labor Share Decline and the Capitalization of Intellectual Property Products
Feb. 20, 2015 Arya B. Gaduh University of Arkansas Skill Transferability, Migration, and Development: Evidence from Population Resettlement in Indonesia
Feb. 27, 2015 Christopher Kilby Villanova University With a little help from my friends: Global electioneering and World Bank lending
Mar. 13, 2015 Young Jo University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Does the Earned Income Tax Credit Increase Children’s Weight? The Impact of Policy-Driven Income on Childhood Obesity
April 24, 2015 Peter Katuscak University of Arkansas How to Boost Revenues in First-Price Auctions? The Magic of Disclosing Only Winning Bids from Past Auctions

Fall 2014

Date & Location Speaker Affiliation Seminar Title
Oct. 10, 2014 Alexander Ugarov University of Arkansas Technology Spillovers and Rent Sharing in Developing Countries
Oct. 24, 2014 Gema Zamarro Rodriguez University of Arkansas The Intergenerational Transmission of Noncognitive Skills and Their Effect on Education and Employment Outcomes
Oct. 31, 2014 Emek Basker University of Missouri Taken by Storm: Business Financing, Survival, and Contagion in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina
Nov. 7, 2014 Adam Cole U.S. Department of the Treasury College Choice and Assortative Matching
Nov. 14, 2014 Indranil Chakraborty National University of Singapore Screening and inefficiency in auctions with risk averse bidders
Dec. 5, 2014 Hongwei Song University of Arkansas Understanding the Relational Properties of Foreign Aid: A Social Network Perspective