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Accounting Internships

The Accounting Department considers internship training an integral part of the curriculum, and recommends that students pursue internships as a part of their entry and completion of a Masters degree.

Invaluable Industry Experience

The Accounting Internship Program is an academic program that enables students to gain degree-related experience prior to graduation. It is a planned, progressive educational strategy in which the accounting knowledge gained is equal to or greater than the knowledge gained in a traditional accounting classroom setting. Internships not only include public accounting, but also internships in other career paths including financial services, internal audit, industry accounting roles, investment banking, etc. In addition to the educational experience, many internships subsequently result in full-time offers from the internship provider.

To ensure that students acquire the skills necessary for career success, the Accounting Department strongly encourages all students to obtain additional internship training directly related to the Accounting and MACC degree prior to graduation. The Accounting Department considers this training an integral part of the curriculum and recommends that students pursue internships as a part of their entry and completion of a Masters degree.

Internship Credit Request Form

Students interested in receiving Internship credit must submit a Request for Accounting Internship Credit form.

Landing Your Internship

Recruiters consider internships to be a key strategy for full-time employment recruiting. Thus, students should approach internship seeking with the same level and mindset of professionalism needed to obtain a full-time position. To be competitive, students should maintain higher than average GPA's, possess strong oral and written skills, and signal professional interest by participating in programs such as Beta Alpha Psi, NABA, and the Integrated Masters of Accounting Program.

The majority of students will begin interviewing for their internships during their sophomore and junior year, as most internships are designed to take place during the Spring or Summer of the Senior year. Spring Internships take place during the first half of the semester. Students have the option of completing additional coursework in a compressed format to maintain their degree completion following the internship. Make sure you review your degree completion requirements with your academic advisor.

Internship interviews typically take place at the end of the Spring Semester of the Student's Junior Year for Internships taking place during the following Spring Semester of their Senior Year. Accounting students also interview for Internships beginning in September of the Fall Semester of their Junior Year. Accounting students should participate in both the Fall and Spring Career Fairs, including the “Meet the Firms' events hosted by Beta Alpha Psi (BAP) and the National Association of Black Accountants (NABA)

Walton College Career Connections coordinates on campus interviews throughout the fall and spring semesters. Employers will post positions in CareerLink, then review applicants and select students to interview. CareerLink is an online system that allows students to search current job listings and sign up for on-campus interviews. Students need to reviewing postings on CareerLink on a regular basis.

Internship Credit Eligibility

Undergraduate Students can receive up to 3 hours of undergraduate accounting elective credit (ACCT 310V). IMACC and MACC students can receive 3 hours of graduate elective credit (ACCT 535V). The Internship must be approved in advance by the Accounting Internship Coordinator for academic credit.

Students interested in receiving Internship credit must submit a Request for Accounting Internship Credit Form. Completed forms must be submitted to the Accounting Internship Director prior to the start of classes of the semester the student wishes to receive credit (fall, spring, and/or summer). Students are encouraged to apply immediately upon receipt of an internship.

Application Deadlines for Internship Credit

Students must start by filling out an internship application by the deadline. Consult the application for details and deadlines.

Applications should also provide the initial offer letter provided by the Internship Employer to the Student. A description of the internship, including the objectives, employment window, and expected hours should be provided. It is expected that the employing firm provides a significant accounting work experience with adequate training and supervision of the work performed by the student.

Walton College accounting students are eligible to apply for accounting internship credit if they have 1) completed the pre-business core and have obtained at least 60 hours of credit, 2) completed a minimum of 12 semester hours of upper division accounting courses, 3) hold a cumulative grade-point average of 2.75 or better, and 4) hold a grade-point average of 2.75 or better for their accounting coursework.

Internships are evaluated based upon the extent duration, accounting-related responsibilities, and extent of professional supervision. Internships are expected to be full-time experiences and typically 8 weeks in length.

Students will receive confirmation once their internship has been approved for academic credit (or if there is an issue with the application). Once approved students may enroll in ACCT 310V or ACCT 535V. Students must check their schedule to ensure that they are enrolled in Internship Credit and are registered for the correct number of hours.

Internship Credit requires several deliverables including a report to be prepared prior to the internship, journal entries, post-reflection report and employer evaluations. The internship course is administered through Blackboard Learning system.