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Global Immersion

Information systems professionals must acquire an understanding of international business practices and global information technologies. We've addressed this need through an innovative and structured global immersion opportunity designed for working professionals.

The Course


Global Technology and Analytics (ISYS 5933) provides an integrated overview of the global business environment and the IT challenges posed to modern organizations. The purpose of this course is for students to understand the concepts of International Business and the corresponding IT environments and their various components (ERP, data, analytics, enterprise systems, etc.) that result in global IT issues.

This course will focus on international business and global IT environments (cultural environment, ethics, theories of international trade and investment, political and legal systems, government intervention, regional economic integration, emerging markets), strategy and opportunity assessment, entering and operating in international markets and functional areas of excellence.

The course will include an understanding of managing information resources and data across national borders, time zones, cultures, political philosophies, regulatory regimes, and economic infrastructures. The lectures, examples, cases, applications, student presentations and guest speakers' presentations will expose the critical role and issues of IT and electronic commerce contributing to the success of business in a global environment.

Global Technology and Analytics (ISYS 5933) focuses on the global IT concepts, international business concepts, and skills needed to manage IT with a global perspective.


  • Be able to explain the key concepts of international business and how it differs from domestic business
  • Be able to describe why globalization is not new; its dimensions, drivers, technological advances, social and company level consequences
  • Be able to describe critical cultural and cross-cultural business and IT issues
  • Recognize world issues linked to the global IT and analytics environment
  • Recognize the global IT/analytics strategic management issues
  • Describe issues related to global e-commerce
  • Be able to participate in an optional Global Immersion experience
  • Develop a hypothetical global business – e-business prospectus and website

Students will enhance their understanding of the business, technological, and cultural environments of prominent markets through Research Papers, Presentations, and a Global Business Project, based on a 10-day immersion experience in Ireland or Germany.

Faculty experts will travel with students and provide tailored preparatory sessions and consultation on projects before and during travel.* Estimated cost of $3,520.00 per student.

*Exceptions to the travel requirement can be made for students with legitimate reasons that don't allow them to travel out of country.


Information Systems Global Immersion Ireland

Students discuss their experience in the first Information Systems global immersion project in Ireland.