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15 People You Need on Speed Dial

15 People You Need on Speed Dial

November 18, 2020 | By Stacey Mason

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What I know for sure is that getting through life takes a village. Humans weren’t meant to go it alone. The road is long and the tests are hard. We need others and others need us.

I thought I would share the 15 people that I keep on speed dial. Not so much individuals but rather perspectives that I rely on as I navigate the journey that is called life.

  1. The Artist
  2. Art is passion. So much passion. And commitment. The artist is not just a creative force, but a voice that reminds you to honor what stirs your soul. We can’t truly be at our best without passion.

  3. The Outlier
  4. This is the non-conformist or the misunderstood. If all I ever do is walk to the beat of my own drum, how will I ever know what the other drums sound like? I’m only an insider to me.

  5. The Truth-Teller
  6. There is the hype and then there is the truth. The truth may very well hurt, but at least the truth doesn’t lie. And the truth shared with grace and elegance will hold you accountable to your highest self.

  7. The Dreamer
  8. The anthem of the dreamer is to just imagine. What if? Why not? How come? When you find yourself getting weary, the dreamer will remind you of your greatness – and how much your efforts matter. Just imagine that.

  9. The Genius
  10. Book smarts, street smarts, tech savvy or the polymath. When you can’t see the forest for the trees, the genius can. And that’s the genius of the genius.

  11. The Storyteller
  12. The writer has words, the musician has lyrics, the photographer has pictures. Storytelling is said to be the center of the human experience. The storyteller will help you see the arc of your own story.

  13. The Connector
  14. The universe operates on the power of human connection. If it is as simple as six degrees of separation, the connector will know people that can help you in your journey.

  15. The Philanthropist
  16. The universe also operates on the power of giving – the giving of money, time, love, forgiveness, grace. Your heart expands when you see the world through this lens.

  17. The Optimist
  18. Hopeful, enthusiastic, joyful. There is no downside to the upside. Walk (maybe run) toward the person who shines like the sun.

  19. The Sage
  20. With age comes wisdom and a sense of calm in a world that is constantly in flux. Having a perspective on perspective is the best perspective of all.

  21. The Therapist
  22. Credentialed or not, having an empathic, non-judgmental perspective matters more than ever in a society that is continuously telling you that you don’t measure up. The therapist will unequivocally remind you that you are good enough.

  23. The Well Traveled
  24. They go out there. They’ve changed time zones, comfort zones and continents. They’ve wandered and pondered. And then written about it in journals. The well traveled offer wisdom from countless cultures and places.

  25. The Bridge Builder
  26. Negotiating, making peace, building consensus with others, holding hands. Bringing people together is an extraordinary gift.

  27. The Devil’s Advocate
  28. We tend to argue like we’re right, but we should listen like we might be wrong. Debate requires you to see the world from another point of view.

  29. The Seeker
  30. The eternal quest to know more, to understand more, to be forever curious. This is the original philosopher. And the philosopher will help you ask the right questions.

Yes, the road is long and the tests are hard. And what I know for sure is that it takes a village.

Ancora Imparo… (Still, I am learning)

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Matt WallerFounder of The Improv Lab, Stacey Mason has immersed herself in the field of Applied Improvisation for the last decade after co-founding several comedy improv troupes and training with various actor-teams including Second City in Chicago. Her corporate background includes nearly 20 years at Walmart in Logistics, Global Supply Chain and Merchandising/Replenishment before shifting towards culture coaching, stewarding the Walton Institute, Walmart’s flagship culture program. She partners with Walton College Executive Education on innovation programs and other initiatives