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SCMRC LEAD Podcast Season 2

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SCMRC LEAD Podcast: Season 2 - On Shelf Availability. Hosted by Mike GraenCheck out the Supply Chain LEAD Podcast, hosted by Mike Graen, Chair of the Retail Supply Chain Initiative (RSCI), a strategic partnership initiative of the SCMRC. The goal of this initiative is to surface the challenges and opportunities of on shelf availability (OSA), focusing on the concepts, tools, and technologies driving retail OSA. OSA is important for both brick and mortar shoppers and Buy Online Pick Up in Store (BOPIS) shopping.  

Season 2 focuses on Retail On Shelf Availability and features a dynamic guest list of retailers, CPG suppliers, solution providers and industry leaders to drive collaborative efforts and advance learning within the industry. Listen to episodes of Season 1 here

Episode 35: Future of RFID at Retail with Nedap (Part 2)

Episode 34: Future of RFID at Retail with Nedap (Part 1)

Episode 33: RFID with Sensormatic (Part 2)

Episode 32: RFID with Sensormatic (Part 1)

Episode 31: Barcoding State of the Industry with J.W. Franz  and Daniel Blank (Part 2)

Episode 30: Barcoding State of the Industry with J.W. Franz  and Daniel Blank (Part 1)

Episode 29: Future of RFID at Retail with Dean Frew (Part 2)

Episode 28: Future of RFID at Retail with Dean Frew (Part 1)

Episode 27: OSA Capability with Jeff Clapper

Episode 26: Zebra Technologies with Paul Baboian (Part 2)

Episode 25: Zebra Technologies with Paul Baboian (Part 1)

Episode 24: RFID in the Food Industry with Justin Patton, Adam Anderson and Jonathan Gregory

Episode 23: The ID in RFID with guests Myron Burke, Senthilkumar CP and Jonathan Gregory

Episode 22: Product Recognition Solutions with guests Anand Prabhu Subramanian, Angam Parashar, Renish Pynadath, and Matt Greene 

Episode 21: Future of RFID in Retail with guests Brand Elverston, Bill Hardgrave, Dan Hardy, Justin Patton and Senthilkumar CP

Episode 20: Shelf Audits with Henry Ho and Ken Drish

Episode 19: RFID in Retail with guests Deanah Baker, Andy Murray, Bill Hardgrave and Justin Patton

Episode 18: Badger Robot with guest BJ Santiago

Episode 17: RFID Technology with guest William Toney

Episode 16: Fixed Camera Technology with guests Suzy Monford, Michael Unmüßig and Derek Johnson

Episode 15: Zebra Smart Lens Technology with guests Terry Durham, Darren Davis and Paul Boboian

Episode 14: Shelf Scanning Robots

Episode 13: Just walk out self-checkout technology with guest Tim Costello

Episode 12: Asset Protection with guest Brand Elverston

Episode 11: RFID Technology with guest Dean Frew

Episode 10: Supply Chain with guest Brent Williams

Episode 9: In Store Audits - with guests Henry Ho and Rick West

Episode 8: Algorithms to Measure OSA and provide alerts for OOS - with guest Geoff Seper

Episode 7: Radio Frequency Identification - with panelists Dean Frew, Randy Dunn, Myron K. Burke, Eric Garland, Ryan Cochrane, and Mark Juhasz

Episode 6: Why You Should Measure? How You Should Measure?

Episode 5: On Hand Accuracy - with guest Justin Patton

Episode 4: Supplier Implications - with guest Pete Silvestri

Episode 3: Retailer Implications - with guest Myron Burke

Episode 2: Customer Implications - with guest Bill Hardgrave

Episode 1: Introduction of Season 2 - with guest Donnie Williams

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