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Grover, Venkatesh, Sabherwal Recognized as Top Information Systems Researchers

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September 25, 2017

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Three faculty members in the Department of Information Systems at the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas have been recognized as top researchers in the field using the h-index measurement of research and its worldwide impact.

Varun Grover, a distinguished professor and the David D. Glass Endowed Chair, was ranked fifth on the h-index list of global researchers in management information systems compiled by the University of Arizona. His h-index was 77, just below the top index of 88.

The h-index attempts to measure both the productivity and impact of the published work of a scientist or scholar. Although there are many different yardsticks for measuring research productivity in management information systems, the h-index is a metric that gains much attention because of its academic basis, simplicity and wide acceptance in other major scientific disciplines.

A scholar with an index of “h” has published “h” papers, each of which has been cited by others at least “h” times. According to that measure, Grover has published 77 papers in the field which have each been cited in the work of others at least 77 times. Prior to recently joining the Walton College, Grover was the William S. Lee (Duke Energy) Distinguished Professor at Clemson University.

Viswanath Venkatesh, also a distinguished professor in the Walton College information systems department and the George & Boyce Billingsley Endowed Chair in Information Systems, had an h-index of 55. In 2014, Thomson Reuters identified Venkatesh as among the top 1 percent of most-cited scholars in business and economics.

Rajiv Sabherwal, Walton College professor, department chair and Edwin & Karlee Bradberry Chair in Information Systems, had an h-index rating of 37. He is editor-in-chief of IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management.

Grover, Venkatesh and Sabherwal are all Fellows of the Association for Information Systems, the largest and most important academic association in the field of information systems.

Researchers in the Walton College information systems department are frequently recognized for their research influence and impact. The department is consistently ranked among the top three in the world in research productivity.

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