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Walton Marketing Ph.D. Alumna: Anastasia Thyroff

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November 05, 2020

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 earned a Ph.D. in marketing from Walton College in 2013. She became an assistant professor of marketing at the Clemson University – College of Business.

In 2019, she was promoted to an associate professor with tenure at Clemson.

Teaching Recognitions

  • Clemson University’s Bradley Award for Mentoring (2019) (university-wide award)

  • College of Business Dean’s Award for Student Engagement (2017)

  • University of Arkansas Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award (2012)

  • College of Business Dean’s Award for Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Teaching (2019) (With Jennifer Siemens)

  • Co-Lead for Sponsored 3-year Creative Inquiry Project $127,859 (2017-2019) (With Jennifer Siemens)

Research Recognitions

  • Clemson University Dan Duncan Research Fellowship Award (2016)

  • Journal Best Article of the Year for JCA (2010) (With Scot Burton, Betsy Creyer, Andrea Tangari, and Yoon-na Cho)

  • SMA Solomon Best Paper in Buyer Behavior Track (2012) (With Steve Kopp)

  • SMA Best Paper in Conference Award (2013) (With Jennifer Siemens and others)

  • SMA Best Paper in Promotion Track (2013) (2012) (With Steve Kopp)

Service Recognitions

Co-Chair and Host, Consumer Culture Theory Conference in Fayetteville, AR (2015) (with Jeff Murray)

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