Research: Department of Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Venture Innovation

SEVI research emphasizes a collaborative and entrepreneurial mindset to create and share principled strategic and innovative knowledge that is impactful for scholars, practitioners, and other stakeholders.

Recent Research Highlights

Scott Borden and Taryn Mead recently had a paper titled “Rural Small and Medium Enterprises: Maximising the Value of Benefit Corporate Certification” in the International Journal of Rural Management.

Confessions of an Entrepreneur: Simple Wisdom for Starting, Building, and Running a Business, by Mark Zweig, SEVI Entrepreneur-In-Residence, was recently named the 2022 Entrepreneur­General book award winner and a finalist in the Start Up category from Goody Business Book Awards. The Goody Business Book Awards, sponsored by Goody PR, focuses on books that have a positive social impact and help others.

Walton College’s Graduate Entrepreneurship program was ranked 35th in The Princeton Review’s Rankings on our first time submitting for ranking consideration.

SEVI (with MGMT) was ranked 13th in publications/faculty member and 5th in the SEC for 2021 in the Texas A&M/University of Georgia MGMT research rankings.

Michael Cummings was the winner of the 2022 Responsible Research in Management Award by AOM Fellows and Responsible Research in Business and Management.

Michael Cummings received both a Pandemic Research Recovery Grant and, with Kristie Moergen, a Diversity & Inclusion Summer Research Grant in 2022. In 2022, Cummings was named winner of best paper, Entrepreneurship and Family Business Track, and winner of best paper with doctoral student coauthor, both from Southern Management Association.

Michael Cummings and Adrienne Callander received the 2021 Education and Teaching Schulze Research Award for their article “Building Bridges Between Artists and Business Entrepreneurs: Facilitating Creative Deviance.”

Recent Publications (2019-2022)

Borden, D.S., Mead, T., (2022). Rural Small and Medium Enterprises: Maximising the Value of Benefit Corporate Certification. International Journal of Rural Management.

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Poliakova, E., Riddle, L., Cummings, M., (2020). Diaspora Investment Promotion via Public-private Partnerships: Case-Study Insights and IB Research Implications from the Succeed in Ireland Initiative. Journal of International Business Policy, 3, 23-37.

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