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Business Living Learning Community

Live together. Learn together.

What is the Business Living Learning Community (BLLC)?

Centered on the principles of community, connection and support, the Business Living Learning Community is a group of first-year business majors who participate in weekly academic, social and local community activities to build their connection to Walton, the University of Arkansas and each other.  To further strengthen their connection, participants also live together in Founders Hall and Humphreys Hall, just steps away from the Business Building and minutes from central campus.

What Courses will we take together? Where will we be living? What about my preferred roommate? What is the cost? Who may participate in BLLC? What is the time commitment? How do I sign up?


The BLLC community provides a close working relationship among Walton students, faculty and an advisor through a weekly seminar (approximately 2 hours a week).   Because students in the BLLC are enrolled as a cohort group in pre-business courses, they are likely to get together often for studying, reviewing, and discussing course work in their residence hall.  They also participate in special academic review sessions for midterms and finals hosted by their instructors and BLLC coordinator.


What courses will we take together?

Along with the computer competency requirement (ISYS 1123), BLLC students will be enrolled in the following courses together:

  • WCOB 1111 Freshmen Business Connections
  • BLAW 2013 Legal Environment of Business
  • COMM 1313 Public Speaking

Where will we be living?

All BLLC participants will be located in double rooms in Founders Hall and Humphreys Hall.

Please note that all participants must live on the floor on which the BLLC is located.  You cannot participate in the BLLC and live on another floor or in another residence hall. 

What about my preferred roommate?

All Business Living Learning Community participants are required to live in a double room with another freshman BLLC student.  Non-BLLC roommates are not accepted.  Upon acceptance into the BLLC, students will be provided with a resource connection link to assist them in selecting another BLLC student as a roommate. 

Students who have already selected a roommate may choose to live together if both students are first-year business students and if both are accepted into the BLLC.

What is the cost of the BLLC?

There is no additional cost to participate in the BLLC above the housing and dining rates assigned to Founders Hall.View a comparison of all housing and dining rates on the University Housing website.

Who may participate in the BLLC?

Participation in the BLLC is open to any freshman business student who is not planning to participate in the Walton Honors Program during their first year. Students who plan to join the Walton Honors Program as freshmen will find that a similar experience of academic and social programming has been created for them, making it difficult to fulfill the requirements for both programs.

What is the time commitment for the BLLC?

Formal involvement in the Business Living Learning Community extends throughout the fall and spring semesters of a BLLC student's first-year; however, BLLC participants often continue their friendships well into sophomore year and beyond.

OK, I want in. How do I sign up?

Applications for the Business Living Learning Community are completed in Phase II of your housing contract. View the instructions on how to complete each Phase of your housing contract. For answers to additional questions about this process, please contact University Housing at 479-575-3951 or

Once your application has been reviewed, you will be emailed at your University of Arkansas email address to confirm whether or not you are accepted into the Business Living Learning Community.

Contact the Undergraduate Programs Office at or visit the Business Living Learning Communities page on the University Housing website.